My name is Andrey Andreev and I am an engineer, traveler and photographer with a passion for landscape and urban photography. This blog was born in 2011 from the idea of sharing about my trips. I like making it and it also helps me put my thoughts in order, and my photos too.

For good or bad, soon after I created my blog, I met my wife Maria. So every trip I am sharing with her, too. In the beginning she was just helping me with the proofreading and the translation but today she is a full-time member of the blog’s team. Maria has worked as a professional journalist for 10 years and she is my editor. She is also responsible for the communications. Unfortunately, she is also a critic that always messes in my work. Anyway, it looks like that we are a good team.

Maria, Andrey and Anna Andreev

Maria, Andrey and Anna Andreev

We are always trying to present things the way we saw them and felt them, to share our personal impressions and attitudes. But at the same time we are trying to collect and share useful information that will help our readers organize their own trip and enjoy the best experience. We are doing a hard work ensuring all the posts offer quality and reliable content so if you find a mistake, do not hesitate to criticize us.

We are always happy to help so do not hesitate to ask questions if you did not find their answers on the blog. We are also happy to receive requests for cooperation and find new friends and partners. So even if you are not sure how we could work together – just write to us. We will also be happy to receive messages about everything else – drinking coffee, beer, exploring the streets or eating cake!

We wish you a smiling day!

Maria Andreeva

Andrey Andreev

e-mail: andrey.andreev.photography@gmail.com

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