Andrey, Maria, Anna and Adriana

Our team – Andrey, Maria, Anna and Adriana

Here are we, those hiding behind the blog www.andrey-andreev.com. We are a small but united family that loves travelling and discovering not only destinations but also tastes and experiences. This blog was created in 2011, initially to be a photography website for Andrey’s photos. But through the years both the blog and the family grew and are now filled with more meaning and spirits. And despite we will say a few words about each one of us, in our website no one is doing anything alone – we are one.

Andrey, Maria, Anna and Adriana
Andrey, Maria, Anna and Adriana


Andrey Andreev
Andrey Andreev

is a little strange person – both sociable and trying to avoid people, especially crowds. He has many hobbies – photography, travelling, tasting everything – food, drinks, wine, nature and everything else. He is not taking pictures all the time but sometimes he takes his time. Always carries at least two bags with equipment, and also Anna on his back. He does not like to speak foreign languages but understands several. Andrey writes many of the articles in Bulgarian and is a great critic of everything.


Maria Andreeva
Maria Andreeva

prefers calling her Mimi. She is a former journalist, currently working in digital marketing. Mimi loves cooking, tasting wine and walking but only on flat terrains. She also loves Italy and Italian cuisine, but never stops tasting everything from everywhere. She likes writing about restaurants, and also correcting Andrey’s typos. Mimi is.. just Mimi – very nice and funny but sometimes shy.  She is also in charge of the English content in our website. She always insists that we take photos of ourselves too, not only of the environment. Maria is our communications person so if you contact us, there is a big chance that she replies. She is very kind and will try to help you at any time.


Anna Andreeva
Anna Andreeva

We call her Ani, she is our 4-year old daughter. Her mission is to keep us aware and entertained. We are never bored with her. She is also taking care of her father’s fitness, making him carry her on his back for long distances. And she helps us explore any zoo, playground or sweet house. Anna loves laughing and we love her laughing, too. She is always around us and she is the most valuable member of our family.
Anna loves staying with her grandparents and sometimes she just refuses to travel with us. However, we always miss her good mood during travelling. Even her small inconveniences and the exhaustion after a day with her are a small price for the pleasure to have her with us.


Адриана Андреева Андреева
Adriana Andreeva

is the youngest member of our family. She is still so small and the world is something new to her. In the coming year or two she will be inseparable from us. Which is making us happy because every time Anna prefers to go with her grandparents, we really miss her. So we will enjoy the company of little Adriana until we can. Little Adriana is a November baby and we still don’t know how much she loves travelling.

Our blog tells our stories about travelling and all the other things that we are discovering. We try to be as accurate as possible but we do not like to write negative things. We write about destinations, wine, food, restaurants, hotels. Everything you will read in this website was experienced by us personally. And despite blogging is a hobby and we both have full-time jobs, we look to it seriously and sometimes offer our services to help other businesses. This is another way for us to discover new things and places, so it is exciting. We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, but we will be happy to go everywhere in the world.

We will be happy if you keep travelling with us, following us and commenting on our stories. We are trying to show you more and more interesting things from Bulgaria and the world. If you wish, you can subscribe to our monthly emails. Or follow us in the social networks (Facebook / TwitterInstagram). Or write us anytime, even if you just want to say Hi. For those who have ideas for working with us – we have a dedicated page Work with us!


Bulgarian Travel Academy Awards – Travel Blog of the year – 2nd place

Special award by Metro Bulgaria for popularizing Bulgarian food and wine

Travel Academy Awards 2019
Travel Academy Awards 2019
Bulgarian Travel Academy Awards - Online Travel Blog of the year winners
Bulgarian Travel Academy Awards – Online Travel Blog of the year winners

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