Aparthotel Lucky Bansko*****, Bulgaria – where we found true family happiness

Discover the place where you can really have rest while on holiday with children in Bansko, Bulgaria

There was an old Bulgarian movie named “With children to the sea”, describing in a very funny way what it looks like to go on holiday with kids. Every parent knows that the words “rest” and “children” do not really pair well. Of course we love our family holidays but as one friend says, “I love playing with little Anna but it is exhausting”. Only Anna rarely gets exhausted and hates sleeping at any time.

This time our family is heading for a weekend in Bansko, Bulgaria – one of the most popular winter ski resorts and a relatively calm town in the mountains in the summer. Spring is a great time to go there because the ski season is over and the summer holiday season is not here yet.


The reason we are here is the 5-star Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. We admit that we would divert any other invitation to come here at this moment because we had many engagements lately. However, a calm family weekend in a luxury hotel in Bansko sounded irresistible so here we are.

Meeting Aparthotel Lucky Bansko*****

I felt a bit weird when asked what is the gender of my child when I called the hotel to book our room. Of course, I always appreciate when they ask me what I would need for the child, but it was the first time when gender mattered. Anyway, it made me a good impression that they apparently put a lot of attention to detail.

 Arriving was not less pleasant and we were freed of the not so favourite job to unload our luggage. We also had the car parked for us and our only obligation left was to smile and enjoy our stay.

The cozy lobby bar of Aparthotel Lucky Bansko

The cozy lobby bar of Aparthotel Lucky Bansko

The first thing that struck us upon entrance was the service. Neither the luxury furniture all around, nor the many services offered made such an atmosphere like the smiles and friendly faces of the personnel. We personally believe that it is always good to be kind and smiling to the people around and this does not cost anything. And we were very happy that apparently in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko they share this philosophy. There is nothing more humane and normal than greeting with “Good day” the housemaids that do their best to make the guests happy. And there is nothing difficult in this.

Hotel Lucky Bansko – the paradise for children (and for their parents, too)

The children's room

The children’s room

The children’s room

While settling and taking photos, we sent little Anna to the children’s room which is open the whole day. It is great that there is a girl looking after the kids so you could leave them without any worries. Later Anna did not want to come out but we told her we would go to the pool and she agreed. The kids’ room is on a very convenient place – just near the restaurant, so you can have dinner without racing with time and with the limited patience of the kid. Outside the hotel there is also another playground.

The outdoor playground of Apart hotel Lucky Bansko

The outdoor playground

SPA with children

The SPA centre is also very kid-friendly. The children’s pool is in one end, next to the saline pool which is also shallow and suitable for kids. On the other side is the deep large swimming pool. The children’s pool is visible from all sides so you can easily leave your child there and take a look at it from the other pools.

The salt relax room is also suitable for children, especially for such with respiratory problems.

And there is more for the kids

As we mentioned in the beginning, attention to details is everywhere in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. We were pleasantly surprised with so many thigs prepared for little Anna. On her bed we found a bath robe her size, children’s slippers and a compliment – a small rabbit toy. Also, in the bathroom there were special toiletteries for children.

Anna's bed in aparthotel Lucky Bansko*****

Anna’s bed

Moreover, if you are travelling with younger children, you can ask for a crib, baby stroller, changing facilities, pot and all other things you might need for a baby. They will be provided free of charge upon request for children under 3 years.

When the children are feeling happy and comfortable, parents are happy, too.

Time for SPA

During busy weekends I prefer to use the SPA centre early in the morning or later in the evening. The SPA zone in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko is luckily open from 8 to 22h

During busy weekends I prefer to use the SPA centre early in the morning or later in the evening. The SPA zone in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko is luckily open from 8 to 22h

Pools in hotel Lucky Bansko

Quickly after arrival we headed to the SPA centre – our favourite place in every hotel. While Anna was jumping in the kids’ pool, we could have a swim in the larger pool or rest in the saline pool. Everything is a short glimpse away and kids safe so we did not need to stay by her side all the time.

The large pool at Aparthotel Lucky Bansko, Bulgaria, is between 140-160 cm deep

The large pool is between 140-160 cm deep

The thermal zone

We only needed to switch for the thermal zone which is not suitable for young children. However, we finally ended in the salt room for relax which is perfect for both kids and adults and has even healing properties.

The SPA centre of hotel Lucky Bansko is really spacious, nice and clean, offering relax to every guest. The thermal zone was also impressive with many saunas, steam rooms, herbal sauna, ice bucket, ice pool, Jacuzzi and an ice room.

Relax room with salt walls in aparthotel Lucky Bansko Bulgaria

Relax room with salt walls

If you are fan of massages and such therapies, in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko they offer wide variety of services, including Fish Spa. Of course, there were also special therapies for children.

There is also a fitness and we praise everyone training regularly, because none of us knows how to use it.

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

You can read in many books that you should never skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. This is valid for sure if you are staying in Lucky Bansko. The breakfast is one of the things that will really make your day in this hotel. But let’s talk less and watch more.

Delicious breakfast in hotel Lucky Bansko

Delicious sweets for breakfast at hotel Lucky Bansko

More breakfast delights - breakfast at hotel Lucky Bansko

More breakfast delights

Delicious fresh-made pancakes at hotel Lucky Bansko

Delicious fresh-made pancakes

Moreover, in this hotel they are caring for your wellness and good tonus all day. In every room there are tea and coffee facilities and complimentary coffee doses and tea packages, as well as free mineral water. And in our deluxe apartment we were happy to find a complimentary bottle of wine.

Of course, you can have also lunch and dinner at the hotel’s restaurants. At your disposal are the main restaurant Le Bistro, the Italian restaurant Leonardo just a few steps from the hotel and a fondue restaurant open in the winter season. 

What is missing at Aparthotel Lucky Bansko?

Well, we did not discover anything to be missing. We almost got lost among all services provided and felt really spoiled.

Luxury bathroom cosmetics, free toiletries of all kind and a long list of other complimentary goods provided upon request. Should you need a toothbrush or a shaving kit or a manicure set, you just need to ask. Same thing valid for bedroom stuff like down pillows, extra blankets and even an extra memory foam top mattress in case you do not feel comfortable enough in the bed. We asked for the mattress and it felt amazing.

Our bedroom at aparthotel Lucky Bansko Bulgarua

Our bedroom

Another thing to impress us was that the rooms are being cleaned several times a day (at least two, or maybe more if you request). Not only in the morning but also in the afternoon. If you do not feel comfortable to welcome housemaids several times a day, it is a good idea to use the provided door signs.

Little Anna having rest in her room in Deluxe apartment at hotel Lucky Bansko Bulgaria

Little Anna having rest in her room

Other services at Aparthotel Lucky Bansko*****

All of the mentioned above was included in our standard Bed and Breakfast package. We only stayed for 2 nights and we were really envious of some guests staying for a week or more with various packages. For example, the hotel offers a 7 or 14 days slimming program which includes proper healthy meals and physical activities. Slimming without starving, doesn’t it feel great?

They also have summer camps for children and yoga programs.

Maria believes that if she stays for a week here, she will definitely return more beautiful

Maria believes that if she stays for a week here, she will definitely return more beautiful

What to do in Bansko?

In the summer 2018 season Aparthotel Lucky Bansko is organising free guided trekking to the mountain for its visitors. They are happening every Thursday and Saturday. In the summer the guest also can use a complimentary shuttle to Bansko centre.

The hotel is only 10 minutes walking from the town centre and we recommend taking a walk through the main street and the old town. Then you can have coffee or dinner in one of the many restaurants and taverns, in case you have not pre-booked a dinner at the hotel (which is also a good idea).

Bansko town in the spring, Bulgaria

Bansko town in the spring

Old town of Bansko, BUlgaria

Old town of Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko is a wonderful place in the spring, between the busy winter and summer seasons.

Hiking in the mountains around is also a great idea if you are mountain lover. One of the most popular routes from Bansko is to Vihren peak, the second highest mountain peak in Bulgaria.

If you are in Bansko in the winter, you are probably here for skiing. Just have in mind that some of the services mentioned above, like the free trekking or shuttle, may not be available in the ski season.

Aparthotel Lucky Bansko, Bulgaria, Luxury hotels in Bansko, 5-star hotel in Bansko Bulgaria

Aparthotel Lucky Bansko, Bulgaria

Anyway, we could spend a lot of time at Lucky Bansko in any season. While writing these words, we realize that we soon need to go home and we really don’t want to.

How to book?

I would recommend you to check the offers on the hotel’s website or call the reception. If you prefer using Booking.com, click here.

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