The Rock of Aphrodite on the Island of Aphrodite – Cyprus island

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The sun is slowly setting to the west, towards Paphos. We are driving on the highway from Limasol to Paphos and watch around for the exit to one of the most famous places in Cyprus. Actually, you will either love it or say “Nothing special”. However, we are in good mood, relaxed and ready to see something new and something divine.

We see the old exit on the highway, which is now closed. I drive very carefully because driving on the left is not usual for me. We reach our exit and take the road towards the coast. The landscape is rocky and coloured in the reddish rays of the May sun.

A view from the road to Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus
A view from the road to Aphrodite’s Rock in Cyprus

The most important rock in Cyprus

It had become quite hot in Cyprus despite it was still May. The beaches were crowded with tourists or at least it looked like this. Indeed, we did not spend much time on the beaches. But we could not miss the beautiful Beach of Aphrodite and enjoy the place where, according to some legends, the goddess was born.

Aphrodite's Beach, Cyprus
Aphrodite’s Beach, Cyprus ( also known as Petra tou Romiou)

Paphos was once the main centre of worship to goddess Aphrodite and now when you walk around the city, you can still see traces of this cult. For centuries worshipers used to come here to pray to their goddess.

The beach and rock of Aphrodite
The beach and rock of Aphrodite

A little creepy story about how Aphrodite was born

With beautiful photos of the place we will try to cover the weirdness of the story, described quite precisely by ancient poet Hesiod (8th century BC). So we head to the place where the dramatic conception of Aphrodite occurred. Now it is a very popular destination. We stopped on the parking and headed to the beach.

The rck of Aphrodite on sunset, Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus - Petra tou Romiou
The rck of Aphrodite on sunset, Aphrodite’s Rock, Cyprus – Petra tou Romiou

So, Hesiod in his Theogony writes that Chronos, the son of Mother Earth Geia and the god of gods Uranus, cut his father’s genitals and threw them in toe sea. According to the poem, the immortal flesh floated for a long time and white foam was created from it. Then from the foam was born a maiden – Aphrodite – the most beautiful among Greek goddesses, the goddess of beauty, love, passion, pleasure and childbirth. Well, there is another, more boring version, according to which Aphrodite is a daughter of Zeus and Diona. However, here we are speaking about the castration of Uranus.

We cannot deny that the kingdom of Uranus - the sky, is very beautiful on Sunset
We cannot deny that the kingdom of Uranus – the sky, is very beautiful on Sunset

Whan could happen on the Rock of Aphrodite?

Besides witnessing an amazing sunset, here you can hear various languages. You can also swim. According to some legends, if you swim three times around the rock of Aphrodite, you will find eternal beauty or eternal love. However, I would say that you should better have beauty or love before the swim.

My girls walking on the pebbly Beach of Aphrodite in Cyprus
My girls walking on the pebbly Beach of Aphrodite in Cyprus

On the beach of Aphrodite you will also notice bushes with many ribbons. After the swim around the rock, lovers tie the ribbon with their names on the nearby bush, hoping that the goddess will bless their love. Others tie ribbons with the hope that they will find love.

A bush with many ribbons on Aphrodite's beach - Petra tou Romiou
A bush with many ribbons on Aphrodite’s beach – Petra tou Romiou

We enjoyed our time there, the kids played on the pebbly beach. For us the Rock of Aphrodite was not only a rock but an amazing beautiful place. We are hoping to share this beauty with you. If you have not yet felt the beauty of the landscape even if you have been there, next time you should try in the company of some Cyprus wine.

How to reach Aphrodite’s rock

It is easiest to go there by car from Paphos or Limassol. It is on equal distance from both cities. There is a big parking lot on site. A public bus is also passing by the beach but I am not sure about the number and timing, so you should check. I have also heard that in the peak season there are boat cruises from Paphos or Limassol to this place. I would strongly recommend that you should come here at sunset time.

The tunnel from the parking to the Beach of Aphrodite
The tunnel from the parking to the Beach of Aphrodite

After the sunset our team of four headed to Omodos village in the Trodos mountains, where we were staying. We will tell you about it soon.

More views from Cyprus southern coastline
More views from Cyprus southern coastline

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