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Where to escape from the crowded beaches in the summer? – BIG BERRY, Slovenia

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This year we chose to skip the traditional seaside holiday. Instead, we headed to one quite different, quite far, a bit unknown but very exciting experience. We boarded our car and our team of three (Andrey, Maria and little Anna) took the almost 1000 km drive to Slovenia. But we were not going to romantic Ljubljana or the stunning Lake Bled – both popular travel destinations. Instead, we were looking forward to discover the experience called BIG BERRY – a new glamping on Kolpa river, just on the border between Slovenia and Croatia that proved to be an amazing place for summer holiday in Slovenia.

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Why Slovenia?

BIG BERRY veranda

The view from our veranda

Slovenia is not a top summer holiday destination. This prize on the Balkans is shared between neighbouring Croatia and, of course, Greece. However, if you are looking for a place to have real rest and enjoy tranquility, your seaside options are really limited if you are not a millionaire. But here is a hint – Slovenia has something hiding for you! And we were just there, spending 3 wonderful days and nights at BIG BERRY!

BIG BERRY and the freedom to relax

BIG BERRY house at night

Our house at night

BIG BERRY is among the best examples of the glamping concept that we really enjoy. Meaning glamorous camping, it offers the perfect combination of nature, freedom and a luxury hotel. Or the luxury of freedom, as their slogan points. We love the idea of spending a holiday among lots of nature but without losing our daily comforts like a bathroom, shower, hot water, comfortable bed and fully equipped kitchen.

It is great to spend the whole day outdoors but just a few metres from your luxury small house. Featuring Jacuzzi on the veranda.

A house for 6 persons

A house for 6 persons

But there is something even better

It is the space that every guest can enjoy.

BUG BERRY lawn bed

We loved the huge free space

A real escape from the crowds – something almost impossible to achieve in any summer resort. The feeling that you don’t need to lock the door because there is no one passing by your house in the near 50 m. Well, it is a bit strange that you need to take a bike to reach the reception desk, but it is extremely charming.

BIG BERRY поляна 3

It takes some time to go from one end of BIG BERRY to another

We had not enjoyed so much free space for a long time. The glamping area is really huge for its capacity – there are only 7 houses with a total bed capacity of 36. Nevertheless, all of this free space with its comforts like benches, swings, sunbeds, piers, boats, bikes and more, is all yours. We could not even explore it all. But we were left feeling really relaxed and happy that such places exist.

BIG BERRY – a part of Bela Krajna

BIG BERRY breakfast basket

Breakfast basket

BIG BERRY is not just an isolated paradise. Instead, it is a place fully integrated into the natural local environment. BIG BERRY is collaborating with more than 30 businesses in the region of Bela Krajna – other hotels, restaurants, wineries, food producers, adventure companies, etc. Therefore, visiting BIG BERRY you are experiencing not just a luxury holiday resort – you are feeling the spirit of Bela Krajna.

Breakfast at BIG BERRY 2


Every morning there starts with the delivery of the breakfast basket on the veranda. There you will find locally produced bread, milk, cheese, fruits, juice, salami and maybe another surprise treat. You will also receive a list to choose what groceries you want for the next morning’s basket. We advise you to try everything!

Because of the close friendship between BIG BERRY and its partners, you could easily have arranged for you a rafting experience, horse riding or a guided trip around Bela Krajna. Just ask the super friendly staff and they will be happy to help.

BIG BERRY breakfast Anna

Anna having breakfast

[info]Tip: if you are a fan of the hard Balkan alcoholic spirits, ask where to find the best homemade rakia.[/info]

Active rest at BIG BERRY

If you prefer the active rest but are not willing to drive outside the glamping, BIG BERRY has a lot for you, too. The bicycles and canoes are free to use from the guests. Kolpa River is clean and swimmable if you do not mind the fish passages swimming around you.

BIG BERRY and Kolpa river

Swimming in Kolpa river

If you feel really bored, you can swim to the opposite coast which is technically in Croatia. Well, this is a little illegal border crossing but many adventure hunters do it.

When to visit BIG BERRY?

The resort is accepting guests in the summer. In July and August, it is a perfect escape from the crowded beach resort. However, visiting in June or September is also a perfectly good idea. In case of rainy weather, you could always enjoy the hot Jacuzzi on the veranda while watching the storm outside. If the weather is really making you stay indoors, the houses are fitted with a TV, fully equipped kitchen and everything needed to prepare lunch or breakfast like at home.

Our family car in the glamping

Our family car in the glamping

BIG BERRY is located in the village of Primostek, a few minutes from the border town of Metlika, Slovenia. If before or after your stay you have some more time for explorations, we would happily recommend you to visit Zagreb, Croatia, or the Plitvice Lakes national park. Both are less than two-hour drive from BIG BERRY. In Slovenia you could also enjoy Ljubljana and the famous Lake Bled.

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