The tourist trail “Pod Kamiko” – village of Bov

A nature walk between two villages

If you are a guest of Sofia, you have to visit the mountains around our beautiful city. Of course the first place to have a great day is Vitosha mountain but it is not the only one. I recommend you to spend one day in one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains – Balkan Mountains.

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Along the Iskar River you can find stunning beautiful and picturesque places. One of the most popular places among people of Sofia is the mountain around Gara Bov village. Gara bov is a small village in Balkan Mountains, “Gara” means “station”, so there is a railway station, a small and nice yellow building. You can reach the place by train from the Central railway station in Sofia. This is the best way to travel along the Iskar River. And it is very cheap – about 3 euro round trip. The trip lasts about 1 hour and the view from train is beautiful too.

Влакът за Мездра

Гара Бов

The stadium of Gara Bov village

When you reach Gara Bov you have two main options. One of them is “Vazovata eco-trail” – the more popular and well preserved eco-trail with a beautiful waterfall. Be careful, the waterfalls around Gara Bov have water mostly in the spring.  We decided to take a longer and not so popular way –  The tourist trail “Pod Kamiko “. It is a trail from Gara Bov village to the village of Bov and back – about 9.3km, and you can pass it for 3-4 hours.  From the train station you have to find the stadium. It is a beautiful green place among the rocks and this is the start and the end point of the trail.

Стадионът в село Гара Бов

The trail

Bovska River is more like a brook with beautiful waterfalls and cascades. The path is muddy in the spring and very hazardous but for me it is very beautiful and loading me with good emotions. But only at the first waterfall my CPL filter fell down in the water and now I have to buy a new one. Along the river you have to follow the green signs.

Първото мостче

Скокчета по река Бовска

Опасните скални пътечки

Dangerous narrow paths






Waterfall “Pod Kamiko”

After 2 or 3 hours walking, not very effortlessly, we reach the biggest waterfall on this path. The fall starts from the village of Bov and it is about 40m high. Now we have two waterfalls because of the spring. But the picture is a little bit disappointing because of the trash thrown from the village, so we quickly headed to the village on the top. In the village up there you can’t find any signs for the trail but you have to find the start of the waterfall. Passing on an unstable wooden small bridge you will find a country road to the way back to Gara Bov. The path is easy and pleasant with nice views, meadows dotted with flowers and very quiet. It takes 1 hour and a half to reach the train station.

Под Камико

Под Камико

Под Камико

Под Камико

Views from Bov

Гледка от Бов


Улица Водопада

The way back

Пътят обратно

So if you decide to see this beautiful nature and to spend some time in the country I recommend you to take the train from Central station of Sofia at 8:30AM, and return from Gara Bov at 3:32PM.


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