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Bulgarian wines to gift for the holidays or for a special occasion – ideas from Andrey and Maria

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Sometimes is it hard to select a gift for friends who are keen winelovers. Maybe your first thought would be to go to the shop and take the most expensive bottle. Of course, everyone will be stunned for a bottle of Champagne for 200 EUR. However, especially in the world of wine, there are numerous of particularly interesting offers that sometimes could cost much less. Because passion is not measured with money. And wine is passion above all. In this article we will try to give you a few ideas of Bulgarian wines to gift for a special occasion. They are not only high-quality wines but also each one of them is unique in some way. These are only wines we have tasted and have personal feelings for them. Because with wines like these you can really fall in love.

Wines aging in the tunnels of Villa Melnik Wine cellar, Bulgaria
Wines aging in the tunnels of Villa Melnik Wine cellar, Bulgaria

[info]The links in this articles are not affiliate or paid and we are placing them just to make your life easier. Also, the wineries are paying to us only with their friendship, not with money. We feel really happy to be able to taste so many amazing wines on a friends’ talk. Moreover, in this article we are only mentioning wines that we have tasted in the past year and they are supposed to be available on the market at least for the coming season.[/info]

Villa Melnik Sweet Wine Melnik 55 2018 Late Harvest

Villa Melnik Struma river valley 18-20 BGN 

Sweet wine is not wine for women, as some people would try to tell you. The purpose of its sweetness is not to make it easier to accept by women. Dessert wine is a separate category of wines that will bring a rich and satisfying final to every special dinner. Wine that only real lovers would appreciate as it deserves.

The stunning view to Villa Melnik wine cellar
The stunning view to Villa Melnik wine cellar

The grapes for this wine are harvested late, about 3 weeks after harvesting for dry wines. Later it was left to dry more to reduce the water and increase the sugar concentration and the aromas. The wine has residual fruit sugar content of 80g/l. Bottled without oak contact. You can find it in the winery and in some larger wine shops.

Megalit Petit Verdot 2015

Chateau KolarovoSouth Sakar mountainsAround 22 BGN 

We are total fans of the whole Megalit series of Chateau Kolarovo wine cellar. However, because here we are speaking about more different and interesting wines to gift, we are mentioning particularly this Petit Verdot. The Petit Verdot variety is usually used in blends and is rarely vinified separately. But the incredible professionalism and attitude to wine of winemaker Iliana Koeva led to the creation of this unforgettable wine.

Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgarian wine to gift
Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria

A few more wines for the Megalit Petit Verdot 2015. The first feeling is of thickness. It fill everything with warmth and softness and we start to wonder whether we find chocolate, black currant or something else. We enjoy the aroma which includes blackberries and red cherries, also some spring flowers. In the taste you can really discover chocolate and forest fruits. We tasted this wine in the spring and still remember it well.

Here you can read our more detailed review about this wine. You can also check the Megalit Cabernet Franc 2015, another impressive wines that I would be happy to see under my Christmas tree.

Hailstorm – vintage 2016. Blend of Melnik 55, Mavrud, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

Villa MelnikStruma river valleyAround 33 BGN 
Villa Melnik Hailstorm 2016 - прекрасно хубаво червено вино за подарък от Вила Мелник
Villa Melnik Hailstorm 2016 – a wonderful idea for Bulgarian wine to gift

Aged for 12 months in Bulgarian oak barrels

The name of this wine tells its story. We know is since the first bottles appeared for tasting, because we have been fans and friends with Villa Melnik for years. On July 1 2016 the vineyards of Villa Melnik were hit by hailstorm which destroyed 75 % of the production. Then the surviving grapes concentrated the whole power of the vines. Which resulted into wine with incredible power and concentration of tastes and aromas. Wine that becomes better with the passing of the years.

Whatever you read about the flavours and tastes of this wine, it will be far from the real feeling. But just to have a hint of it, you can expect intensive aroma of sour cherry, blueberries, earth and leather. And an endless aftertaste. The Hailstorm has a long aging potential and is a wonderful wine to gift to wine collectors and connoisseurs.

You can find it in the winery and in some larger wine stores.

Philosoph Reserve 2015

Rupel wineryStruma river valleyAround 36 BGN 

Philosoph Reserve 2015 is the most special offer from Rupel winery for the real winelovers. Elegant, aromatic, fine and exciting – all in one wine. It is a blend of the best wines of Rupel winery from Melnik 55, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Marselan, matured in oak barrels for 18 months and another 18 months in bottles. Tasting the Philosoph, you will be surprised of its tender touch and sensuality.

The cellar of Rupel winery
The cellar of Rupel winery

Hint: Philosoph is so fine and elegant that it can melt the soul of every lady. It can easily break the myth that women find it hard to accept red wines. Maria is totally recommending it as a wine to gift to women. (free delivery for Sofia)

SYCAGY Exclusive Lot – Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese

Zlaten RozhenStruma river valley43 BGN 

1500 bottles

This is a very special red wine with rich and balanced taste. SYCAGY is relatively expensive Bulgarian wine but the price corresponds to the quality. I can speak a lot about the lovely people who stay behind this wine but let’s stick to the wine itself: aromas of forest fruits, chocolate and cocoa. Buy it from the winery’s website.

SYCAGY Exlusive Lot - Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese
SYCAGY Exlusive Lot – Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese

Saratok 2016

Villa BassareaSouth Sakar mountains50 BGN

Limited series of 900 bottles

A few months ago we could hardly buy a bottle of the amazing Saratok 2014 and it was all thanks to our friends from Villa Bassarea, who agreed to sell us a bottle from their personal reserves. Otherwise, this incredible wine, of which only about 300 bottles were made, was long sold out. But why we are telling you this?

Saratok - a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah by Villa Bassarea
Saratok – a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah by Villa Bassarea. A great Bulgarian wine to gift

In the beginning of December 2019 was presented the new Saratok, vintage 2016. This time we won’t make the mistake to miss it. We have not tested it yet but we know that the name Saratok is a guarantee of a mindblowing wine, produced by specially selected grapes, fined to the last detail by winemaker Kamen Koev. A wine that will anyone feel divine.

Do we need to remind that is is an amazing Bulgarian wine to gift? Order here.

Syrah Exclusive Lot 100% barrel

Zlaten RozhenStruma Valley69 BGN 

In February 2019 we stopped in the winery for a quick Hello, carrying baby Adriana in a basket. Surprisingly, there we found Federico Ricci, the oenologist of Zlaten Rozhen. And he was keen to show us his latest creations.

After a long tour through all the wines still in the making, we stopped by the tank with this incredible syrah that waited to be bottled in the following days. It was ready to continue its way to the bottle and then age a bit more before reaching the best time for consumption. No words to describe what this wine did to us – stunned is just a simple word. Maria still dreams of this incredible journey through aromas, tastes and feelings that Federico took us to with this wine.

Federico and Mimi
Federico and Mimi tasting the amazing syrah

From this syrah you can expect intensive aromas with fruit accents of black forest fruits, spices and cocoa. Pleasant and juicy texture, soft freshness, light accents of vanilla and macaque, with very good balance. However, this is just a very simple description for what it in the bottle.

Well, the price is also impressive. But if you can afford it, do not miss the chance to try this incredible Syrah.

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