Celebrating Saturday night with a bottle of Villa Bassarea Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016

Welcome another great wine by Villa Bassarea, the boutique winery from South Sakar, Bulgaria

I admit that tasting good wines and writing about them is something me and my wife Maria adore. We always spend a lot of time wondering which one of the many tempting bottles to open this day. And after this, we feel almost like writers, sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine in hand, ready for an artistic evening. That Saturday evening we headed to Bordeaux… almost..

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Villa Bassarea Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016

Cabernet Franc – where did it come from?

Everybody knows that Cabernet Franc is one of the parents of Cabernet Sauvignon. The birthplace of Cabernet Franc is Bordeaux, France. But our journey now is not across France. Instead, we are talking about the south slopes of South Sakar mountains, Bulgaria. It is a region with wonderful climate for wine growing and wine production. Some of the best Bulgarian wines come exactly from there. Here, along the valley of Maritsa river, grow amazing grapes and the warm sunny climate can be felt in any drop of wine.

Villa Bassarea wine cellar, Harmanli, Bulgaria

Villa Bassarea wine cellar

It was a cold and rainy winter day when we visited the town of Harmanli and the boutique winery Villa Bassarea. It took just a few glasses to love it. Not only the wine but the people behind it are just amazing. Smiling and warm, just like their wines. So we left Harmanli in great mood and several bottles of their wonderful wines. Among them was one of their newest products on the market, the Villa Bassarea Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016.

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 by Villa Bassarea

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 by Villa Bassarea

Wines from 100 % Cabernet Franc are a rare view. Instead, Cabernet Franc is commonly used in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 by Villa Bassarea

This wine was produced in a short line of only 1200 bottles. We had number 435. Earlier I had decided to leave it to mature a little bit more, because it has a potential to mature at least 1-2 years more. However, these days I was tempted by the sunny weather outside and could not resist opening the Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016. Now we are swirling the glasses with the ruby red elixir and try to find the flavours of red forest fruits and dried fruits.

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 by Villa Bassarea, Bulgaria

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 by Villa Bassarea

The first thing we note after tasting the wine are the very soft tannins. Cabernet Franc wines usually feature softer tannins and this one is even softer because it has matured for 12 months in oak barrels. Kamen, the winemaker of Villa Bassarea, definitely knows how to make the best out of the grapes. This wine tastes fruity and a little spicy. M.. Yummy!

After a while in contact with air it becomes even better and we just can’t stop enjoying it. Maria made a wonderful full-grain bread with rye for the occasion and it went perfectly well. I think we have to take one more bottle of Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 and taste it again in 2020.

Where to buy Villa Bassarea Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2016 was released in early 2018 in a limited series of 1200 bottles. So it is not very easy to find but I hope it will be available on the market for the next few months. You can definitely buy it from the winery itself,  which is in the town of Harmanli. The owners of Villa Bassarea will be happy to greet you. A bottle costs about 16 lv (8 eur) so I think it is a great deal. You can also buy in Plovdiv, at Wine Partners.

Cabernet Franc2016

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Villa Bassarea winery, Harmanli

Villa Bassarea winery – the spirit of ancient Thracians from South Sakar, Bulgaria

February 19th, 2018 Мария Андреева We arrived at Villa Bassarea in the town of Harmanli, Bulgaria, on a rainy Saturday. We were late for our lunch appointment because before that we had visited the wonderful Thracian Tomb of Alexandrovo, only 20 km away. We quickly melted the ice of the "introduction" part because our hosts were so warm and kind…

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