Bulgaria is always our first choice of destination. There are so many undiscovered places even for experienced tourist that we rarely need to travel abroad. Read some of the articles in this category and you will understand us.

Топола Скайс Topola Skies Resort Bulgaria

Topola Skies Resort and our active family holiday with children in Bulgaria

We are on holiday but we walk more than 10 000 steps a day, the children even more. We are...

10 Dieci Restaurant by Chef Gianfranco Chiarini in Devino, Bulgaria

Restaurant DIECI, Chef Gianfranco Chiarini and the most exciting food journey in Bulgaria

Restaurant DIECI opened its doors in May 2021 in the small village of Devino, Targovishte region, Bulgaria. It represents the...

Мелник 55 и лозята на изба Рупел

Bulgarian wine grape varieties – popular and lesser-known

Do you know any typical Bulgarian wine grape varieties? Have you tried some? Bulgarian wine is a lesser-known wine universe....

Винарска изба Златен Рожен

Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar, Bulgaria – where alchemy happens

We first visited the new building of Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar on a cold February day in 2018. It had...

Река Осъм, покрития мост и ансамбъла с цветни къщи

Lovech, Bulgaria – the beginning of a new friendship

I wonder why we hand’t gone for a weekend in Lovech earlier. Actually, there are so many towns in Bulgaria...

The Old Town Plovdiv

The most exciting places in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is a wonderful city, the second-largest city in Bulgaria. It is a place worth visiting for a few days...

Belogradchik rocks and fortress, Bulgaria

The Belogradchik Rocks as we saw them

I woke up before sunrise, I hadn’t actually planned it. I got up, dressed quietly, trying not to wake up...

Wave Resort Bulgaria Pomorie

Wave Resort, Pomorie – happy holidaying in Bulgaria with kids

Daddy, are we there yet? Three minutes after we leave, the conversations in the car sound like this. The impatience...

Seven Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria by the most popular route

I have made this trekking twice in July and both times the weather was variable – from sunny, through slightly...

Wine tasting like a pro in the wineries in Bulgaria, Bulgarian winery

Wine tasting like a pro in the wineries in Bulgaria

We are sitting on the terrace of the winery, watching the vines virescent and speak with the owners. The sun...

Местност Глухите камъни

The mysteries of ancient Thracians: Gluhite Kamani sanctuary in Bulgaria

On the highest rock in the area, immersed in the quietness and the views towards Ivaylovgrad reservoir and Sheinovets peak...

Мими в покоите на царица Йоанна

A royal lunch on a royal train – one unusual journey in Bulgaria

The wine glasses chin because of the swinging of the train. No whistle sound is heard, as it would be...

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