Bulgaria is always our first choice of destination. There are so many undiscovered places even for experienced tourist that we rarely need to travel abroad. Read some of the articles in this category and you will understand us.

Stob pyramids, Bulgaria

Spring in Stob village and the beautiful Stob pyramids, Bulgaria

We woke up that Saturday morning and decided that instead going to the park we should spend the weekend in...

The Royal Palace Vrana

The Royal Palace Vrana and its beautiful park near Sofia, Bulgaria

An exciting place for both nature lovers and Bulgarian monarchy enthusiasts The Saturday starts a little bit early for us,...

Saint Anastasia Island

Becoming an Islander – a journey to Saint Anastasia Island, Burgas, Bulgaria

How to reach Saint Anastasia island and what to see there Going to Burgas and not visiting St. Anastasia Island...

A view or Melnik Bulgaria

The beauty of Melnik and Melnik pyramids – one of our favourite places in Bulgaria

„What could we write about Melnik, besides the food and wine – everyone is coming here mostly to eat and...

The entrance of the tomb of Alexandrovo, Alexandrovo tomb, a Thracian tomb in Bulgaria

The tomb of Alexandrovo, Bulgaria – come and see the world of ancient Thracians

We enter the tomb of the Thracian king (or another noble man, you never know) and we find ourselves in...

5 days in Bulgaria, one week in Bulgaria, what to see in Bulgaria, places to visit in Bulgaria, things to see in Bulgaria, most beautiful places in Bulgaria

5 days in Bulgaria – the must-do itinerary for the first-timer

5 days are not enough to explore the country thoroughly but are a great start to discover the best places...

Kukeri from Bogdanov Dol village, near Pernik

SURVA – the noisy and colourful carnival in Pernik, Bulgaria

International festival of masquerade games Surva, Pernik 2020 is cancelled! WARNING: The 2020 edition of the International festival of masquerade...

Royal Valentina castle, hotel in Ognyanovo, hotels in Ognyanovo, spa hotel in Bulgaria

Holiday in the fairy tales – hotel Royal Valentina Castle, Ognyanovo, Bulgaria

Evolution is a great thing, even when it is about evolution of demands. Some years ago, we enjoyed couch surfing...


Discovering the real Bulgarian wine with Bulgaria Wine Tours

The guided tour that will make you love and remember Bulgarian wine forever We met Vasil and Zina in the...

Neolithic dwellings in Stara Zagora

Neolithic Dwellings museum in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria – an 8000 year-old story

How the real-life Flintstones lived? We love exploring places that are somehow different and tell us curious things about us...

The Roman forum in Stara Zagora, what to see in Stara Zagora, what to do in Stara Zagora, attractions in Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora – the most underestimated city for tourism in Bulgaria

What we love the most in my hometown Stara Zagora and why you should visit it Stara Zagora is one...

Rila Monastery, the famous monastery in Bulgaria

Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, the place that keeps 1000 years of history

What to see and how to reach one of the holiest places in Bulgaria – the Rila Monastery No matter...

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