Nis, Serbia

Nis, Serbia – the layers of history

The Roman empire, the Ottomans and WW2 have left their tracks on Serbia’s third largest city – Nis Nis is...

The Wooden Town of Kusturica

Kustendorf – The Wooden Town of Kusturica, where life is a miracle, Serbia

Emir Kusturica might be best known as a film director and a musician, but he proved to be more than...

Poganovo Monastery

To Pirot and back, a little journey to Eastern Serbia

A perfect day trip from Sofia to Pirot and Poganovo monastery We have been to Pirot, Serbia, so many times...

Žiča Monastery

Žiča and Studenitca – two beautiful Serbian Monasteries

Two great orthodox Serbian Monasteries Like most Bulgarians I am not so good in Serbian history. In Bulgaria most historical...

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