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Welcome to the Good Taste Guide!

Here you will find information about the most curious places we have discovered during our travels, which we are very happy to share with you. We know that every opinion is subjective and infinitely biased, so we won’t claim to be impartial, but only share the places we’ve visited, liked and would go again. Some of them are a whole journey among flavours, others are just small bakeries or other special places associated with good taste in food, wine and everything you can think of. But all our recommendations will be personally verified by us and will be really special (at least for us).

And one more clarification. Here we collect only the places that have impressed us positively. Don’t look for negative criticism, although we will occasionally mention a remark to make you consider it.


For easier navigation we have arranged the reviews in the menu in the following hierarchy:

Countries: view restaurants by country.
Cities: look for restaurants in specific cities


We would love any words you would like to share with us, write to us in the comments below the posts on the site, on social networks or by post. It would also be very nice if you recommend us a place. Please do not hesitate!

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