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Положителното на обърканите полети: Едно дълго и весело прибиране Берлин – Виена – Мюнхен - София


Friday, June 28, we are running through Berlin to the main train station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof). Some protest blocked the route...

The pool with hot mineral water

Outdoor hot mineral pools in Bulgaria – where to go in the cold seasons?

Here is a list of spa resorts in Bulgaria with hot mineral pools for the winter season When the weather...

Autumn view of Villa Melnik

Why you would love to visit a Bulgarian winery and what you will find there

Life is too short to drink bad wine Bulgaria might not be the most famous wine destination but it is...

Get discounts for day tours from Sofia

Get discounts for day tours from Sofia and tours from Plovdiv

We are partnering with travel companies to provide you with a discount for tours to both popular and lesser known...

Grill in Plovdiv

How to taste Bulgarian food safely and love it

Your guide to Bulgarian food and how to avoid bad experiences If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria, you...

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5 days in Bulgaria – the must-do itinerary for the first-timer

5 days are not enough to explore the country thoroughly but are a great start to discover the best places...

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