Here we share our thoughts about wines that impressed us or were given to us for tasting and review. Do not expect professional details, just our personal thoughts and impressions.

View towards Kientzheim, Alsace, from the vineyards

The magic of terroir at Domaine Paul Blanck et Fils winery, Alsace, France

First day in Alsace, we are staying at Ammerschwihr and have a meeting in the nearby Kientzheim village. We have...

LE VIN Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

LE VIN Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, Svishtov Winery

“This wine is very good!” – such words usually make a great start of our conversations with friends around the...

Горчивка Мерло (Gorchivka Merlot) от Винпром Свищов

Gorchivka Merlot from Vinprom Svishtov – the tender wine with bitter name

We have to admit that we were skeptical about this wine. Who would name his wine Gorchivka (Bitterness)? Well, we...

Villa Bassarea Tamianka wine 2019

The aromatic explosion of Tamianka 2019 from Villa Bassarea

We were in Sarafovo, a neighbourhood of Burgas, Bulgaria, and in the local shop they had just delivered fresh mussels...

White Sand - бяло вино от червено грозде от Златен Рожен

White Sand wine from Zlaten Rozhen winery, Bulgaria

What do you imagine when you hear White Sand? Well, no matter how hard we try to imagine anything else,...

Uva Nestum Rose 2019

The fresh Rose of Uva Nestum, vintage 2019

It is not necessary to travel to the sea if you want to drink rose wine with seafood, but we...

Розаспина реколта 2018г. Винарска изба Златен Рожен

Rosaspina 2018 – Bulgarian sangiovese rose wine with Italian feeling

Bulgaria is a real paradise for the wine connoisseurs – undiscovered, but very interesting, diversified and adventurous. In the days...

озе от Памид 2019, Villa Bassarea

Rose wine from Pamid grape variety by Villa Bassarea, Bulgaria

We are sitting on the veranda, the kids run on the sun-lit lawn and the trees have just understood that...

Wine tasting like a pro in the wineries in Bulgaria, Bulgarian winery

Wine tasting like a pro in the wineries in Bulgaria

We are sitting on the terrace of the winery, watching the vines virescent and speak with the owners. The sun...

Megalit Syrah 2013 from Chateau Kolarovo wine cellar, Bulgaria

Megalit Syrah 2013 from Chateau Kolarovo and the moments of home isolation with family

Maria went to the basement to take wine for lunch and returned with two bottles. One of them was the...

Дегустация на два марселана

Two Marselan wines from Bulgaria – from Rupel winery and from ROXS winery

That evening we were visiting friends and the kids went to play together, leaving us at large for some time....

Мелнишки сепаж реколта 2016г. от Златен Рожен

The flavour of Melnik: Melnishki cepage by Zlaten Rozhen, vintage 2016

With our noses deep into the glasses, instead of enjoying romantic talks, we have opened two wine books and compare...

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