Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions I receive in my mail. If you can’t find your answer, contact me!

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What camera do you use?

I currently use Pentax K3 II and the most used lens are Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD Aspherical and SMC Pentax-FA 50mm F1.4

Can I share/upload one/some of your pictures on social networks?

If you have advertisements on your page or if you receive any financial benefits of it then the answer is Not without permission… please ask first‘. If you want to share/upload on your personal page/profile in Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ etc. you are welcome, just share with link to my blog or some of my pages. And please mention my website All the images on this site are copyright of Andrey Andreev. It’s simple.  If in doubt… ask for permission.

Can I use one/some of your pictures on my website?

That depends on whether you have advertisements anywhere on your site or if you receive any financial benefits from it. The answer is ‘Not without permission… please ask first‘.  Similarly, if you are an individual selling something, a company, corporation, religious or charitable organisation, then the answer is also ‘Not without permission… ask first‘… All the images on this site are copyrighted to Andrey Andreev.

The rest of you, bloggers and internet folks, who are doing it just for the love of it… be my guest… help yourself… and while you’re at it, if you feel like lending a hand to the cultivation of our new relationship, then credit the images with links back to their source. It’s simple.  If in doubt… ask for permission.

Can I reproduce your articles on my website/magazine/newspaper, etc.?

Not without special permission.

If you want to copy the whole article, please contact me, explain what is the purpose and I might give you a permission.

Without asking for my written permission, you are allowed to:

  •  Copy and redistribute the first 300 words of the article, followed by a Dofollow link Read More, leading to the original article in my blog.
  •  The headline, sub-headings and any parts of the original text must not be changed.
  •  The name of the author should be noted just under the headline.

Do you shoot weddings, children, hotels …?

The photography is a hobby for me, I rarely do it on demand. However, if you think you have a great idea related to my interests, do not hesitate to contact me. See also my partnership kit.

Do you sell prints?

No, I don’t. But if you want a print for your wall in your … laundry room or anywhere you want you can contact me and we will arrange a free jpeg file with suitable size. It is free, it is just for your smile and happiness. If you want to send me money, I don’t mind – it will be perfect. But it is not obligatory.

I live in a beautiful town/village and I really want to show you this amazing place. Would you like to visit it and take some photos of it?

Sure we want, but unfortunately we don’t have much time and most of all the problem with money. If you can help us with this we are ready to come and make new friends and interesting photos and share lovely time together. “We”  – that means two people and our little daughter Anna. Read more in our Invite us for a tea section. If you are a hotel owner, travel agency or any other business, visit our Work with us section.

How to contact you?

The best way is: or use our Contact form

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