Get discounts for day tours from Sofia and tours from Plovdiv

We are partnering with travel companies to provide you with a discount for tours to both popular and lesser known destinations across Bulgaria. These include day tours from Sofia, tours from Plovdiv, organized shuttles and tailored private tours in any field you would be interested. See full list of services below, including tours to Rila Monastery, tours to Seven Rila Lakes, tours to Plovdiv, tours to Koprivshtitsa, tours to Veliko Tarnovo and many others.

Tours from Sofia

Shuttle to Rila Monastery by Rila Shuttle

Rila Shuttle is offering several options for day tours to Rila Monastery and also combinations with Seven Rila Lakes or Boyana Church. Check the options and availability on their website. Get 5 % discount for all their services using promo code AndreevTravel.

Shuttle to Rila Monastery and Boyana church with guiding by Traventuria

The tour to Rila Monastery is operated by an English-speaking driver-guide and you also have an option to hire an audio guide. Tour includes visiting two UNESCO World Heritage SitesRila Monastery and Boyana Church. They are both worth visiting and not easy to reach by public transportation. 5 % discount with promo code ANDT18.

1-day Guided tour to Rila Monastery and Melnik

Visit the beautiful Rila Monastery and Bulgaria’s smallest town – Melnik, in 1 day. It will be a long but rewarding journey to see the wonderful monastery and then walk along the cute cobblestone streets of Melnik. Melnik is also famous with its local wine production so do not miss to try it. Get 5 % discount with Promo code ANDT18.

Day tours to Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv

Beautiful Plovdiv which keeps thousands years of history beneath its streets and the revival town of Koprivshtitsa are among our favourite places.

– Opt for the Combo Full Day tour to Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv (available from April to October) or visit them separately with Full Day tour to Plovdiv and the Full Day tour to Koprivshtitsa. 5 % discount for any of them with promo code ANDT18.

– You can also book a 1-day tour to Plovdiv and Koprivshtitsa from Rila Shuttle. Get 5 % discount using promo code AndreevTravel.

Shuttle to Rila Monastery and Plovdiv

Operated by Rila Shuttle, this tour includes visits to Plovdiv and Rila Monastery on a single day. 5 % discount with promo code AndreevTravel.

Day tours to Seven Rila Lakes

Hiking to Seven Rila Lakes: This tour can be guided or self-guided, depending on your preferences. In the self-guided option you will be provided route notes and a map of Rila Mountains. 5 % discount with promo code ANDT18.

Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria

Shuttle to Seven Rila Lakes: Book a shared shuttle of private transfer by Rila Shuttle and explore the lakes by yourself. 5 % discount with promo code AndreevTravel

Shuttle to Rila Lakes and Rila Monastery: Spend a day in this beautiful mountain by visiting its top attractions – Rila Monastery and Seven Rila Lakes. 5 % discount with promo code AndreevTravel.

Tours to Seven Rila Lakes are available in summer only, usually between May and September!

Day tour to Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi

This guided tour will take you to the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo and the nearby picturesque village of Arbanasi. 5 % discount with promo code ANDT18.

Tours from Plovdiv

You can use a 5 % discount for all tours organized by our partners in Plovdiv – Enjoy Plovdiv. They are specialized both in tours in the Plovdiv area and across the country. You can use promo code ANDREYANDREEV on every booking made through their website. Enter it in the promo code field when you book. Enjoy Plovdiv offer both organized tours and tailored tours from Plovdiv to any destination. Below are some of the tours we personally recommend:

Plovdiv tours

Cultural tour of Plovdiv Old Town, Cityscape of Plovdiv, Plovdiv’s top attractions, Plovdiv safeheaven for all religions. There are also some more uncommon tours in Plovdiv like Fun day tour for kids, Graffiti tour of Plovdiv or Shopping tour in Plovdiv. If you are really in a good shape, the heavy artilery is the Seven Hills of Plovdiv in one day. Check all Plovdiv tours here:

Hissar Kapia (Хисар Капия)
Hissar Kapia (Хисар Капия)

Excursions from Plovdiv

Plovdiv is located on a very communicative place and serves as a starting point for many travellers to explore the country. You can make a tour from Plovdiv to almost any destination in Bulgaria. What limits you here is only your will and the time you have. 

If you only have a day or a weekend for a tour outside Plovdiv, here are some ideas we support: 

A trip to Asen’s Fortress, Bachkovo and Marvelous Bridges. Experience three of the region’s most amazing places in one day – a beautiful fortress, Bulgaria’s second largest monastery and a natural phenomena in the mountains. 

Day trips from Plovdiv to Koprivshtitsa, Starosel and Hisarya, the Rose valley, the Valley of Thracian kings and Buzludzha monument, the ancient city of Perperikon

If you want to feel the countryside better, it would be a great idea to take a weekend retreat to traditional Bulgarian villages

Architectural-Ethnographic Complex Etara
Architectural-Ethnographic Complex Etara

Multiple day trips across Bulgaria

If you are planning more time in Bulgaria, Enjoy Plovdiv offer some very intriguing multi-day tours across the country. 

One of the most popular ones is the tour across The remains of Communism across Bulgaria. If you are coming from the former socialist block, you might find many familiar things. But for a visitor outside Eastern Europe, some things might look mindblowing. 

If you love legends and mysteries, you will probably love the tour around The most mystical places in Bulgaria. So many secrets hiding around.

Depending on the season, you can find various seasonable offers. They include ski holidays, seaside tours, horse riding, etc. Check all tours and excursions here:

If you are looking for some adrenaline, all adventures are here:

If you are just wondering what to do, here are the ideas:

Finally, our most favourite topic is Wine and Dine. The area around Plovdiv is one of the most famous wine regions in Bulgaria:

Beautiful wine tasting room at Todoroff wine residence
Beautiful wine tasting room at Todoroff wine residence

Remember: You can have 5 % discount from all tours provided by Enjoy PLovdiv by using the promo code ANDREYANDREEV upon booking. Just enter it in the promo code field when you enter your details upon booking. If it does not work for some reason, contact us immediately. 

Disclaimer: We are affiliate partners of Traventuria, Rila Shuttle and Enjoy PLovdiv and we are earning a small commission with every booking made through links in our website. However, we decided to share our commission with you and offer you the above discounts. This is because we are first trying to help our readers and not making money out of everything. Please notify us if you have had bad experience with any of our partners.

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