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Brunch in Sofia for foodies

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In this article we will speak about one of the hottest foodie trends in the past years – brunch! Particularly brunch in Sofia, Bulgaria, for gourmands in the weekend.

Gourmand is from French: gourmand (from gourmet, “gastronome”). Definition: 1. Connoisseur of fine food and drink. 2. A person who enjoys delicious food and is demanding about its quality and preparation; 3. A glutton, a gluttonous person;

You know we have two kids, for a long time I didn’t understand the brunch idea because at 12pm I usually have lunch after having had breakfast at 7am or even 5am sometimes. And so I lived in a denial about this trend in the city life. Now I often have to be in a big city, without the kids, traveling for work on Friday and waiting to return on Saturday, and I realize how much I have underestimated the brunch. And that Saturday I just wanted to sleep late and when I get up, to dedicate a lot of time meeting friends, drinking coffee and eating something very delicious. This is how my exploration of the Sofia brunch places started.

Restaurant “Ahora”

Sofia, Lozenets, Blvd. “Nikola Vaptsarov”, 25A

Brunch is served from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Prices are above average;

“Feel the Spring Eggs Benedict” … that’s what I’m reading on the menu today, Saturday and onwards the names are strange and beautiful. Every weekend is different, but you read the menu and it’s nice, varied, not boring. In the individual dishes the ingredients are varied, fennel, mint flowers, ham cooked on the premises. Chef Sevda Dimitrova is simply an example of Sofia’s signature cuisine for me, and every time she manages to delight our taste buds, which have become extremely demanding. Ahora Restaurant is our undisputed favorite for delicious food, and brunch is not far behind. We are amazed every time we see chef Sevda Dimitrova at the “breakfast” in the restaurant and wonder how she does not get tired of keeping the kitchen under control.

Ahora has won for two years in a row (2022 and 2023.) the prize in category “Wine and Beverages” in Restaurant of the Year Bacchus, Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino, where in 2023 we had the pleasure with Mimi to be part of the jury. And for that reason I always wonder whether to start the day with coffee or cremant from Alsace.

It is important to make a reservation in advance;

Restaurant “Cosmos”

Sofia, ul. Lavele 19

Its weekend brunch hours are from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays;

Prices are above average;

This Saturday there were a lot of kids at the tables, I liked that the mood was family-friendly The place is cosmically good and not just because they became the restaurant of the year for 2023 of Bacchus magazine. An award would not be important if it were not filled with content, and “Cosmos” definitely deserves it. Super polite and adequate service on arrival, with a friendly mood, which finally went more into the necessary professional distancing, so that they could serve everyone when the restaurant after 12 pm filled up. Although you can order from the main menu, the weekend brunch menu is very nice with attention to the products, preparation technique and we really did not get boring food. Although the sandwiches and eggs Benedict were classic in their appearance, everything was very tasty and interesting and you could clearly taste the products. Check out their menu on their website to have an idea, and be sure to reserve a table.

Cosmos ciabatta sandwich:
homemade ciabatta, pork and veal chopped meat, ajvar, pickled onion, compressed cucumber
Cosmos ciabatta sandwich: homemade ciabatta, pork and veal chopped meat, ajvar, pickled onion, compressed cucumber

I would like to mention Cosmos restaurant and JRE – Jeunes Restaurateurs – a global organization of young restaurateurs between 24 and 42 years old, of which chef Vladislav Penov is a member since January 2023, since Bulgaria is part of JRE. I have had the pleasure to visit restaurants of JRE chefs in Italy and not only and the experience was exceptional, so I am glad that now in Bulgaria there are young chefs deserving to be part of JRE. And will write more about them soon.

I will make one more reference while you are “in” the Cosmos restaurant. Chef Anton Vasev makes me very happy with his project SO ferments, which is focused on ferments, moulds and this kind of things. I have been to wonderful dinners with such products and inside the Cosmos restaurant, to the left, you will see a stand with their products which you can buy for home. For example, you can get lentil sauce, which is like soy sauce, but the soy is replaced with Bulgarian lentil beans.

And here the wine list is extremely nice, the coffee is Dabov and is very good, so it’s hard to choose where to start;

Restaurant “Komat”

Sofia, ul. Bratya Miladinovi 46

Brunch between 11:00am and 4:00pm; Sunday, for Saturday I’m not sure

Prices are above average

Komat is one of the new food places in Sofia in 2023. It won the “Debut” award by Bacchus magazine. But this is a tough prize, it is won only once and raises the demands on the young place. Restorant “Komat” is located in aparthotel DOT, near the Women Market in Sofia. It’s a tiny place and you must book your seats. Komat means “a loaf of bread” in Bulgarian dialect. The concept of the place is to serve Bulgarian dishes with a European and not only European touch. And in the brunch menu you’ll find treasures like katma, kosunak popar, fritters… the sandwiches are on a loaf of bread and extremely tasty. The service is pleasant, fast and the place really suggests a good start of the day.

In conclusion

This little guide to gourmet cuisine may still be short. We’ve only put brunch places in Sofia that we’ve been to and will update it when we visit new ones that deserve sharing. So whenever you wonder where is the most interesting brunch in Sofia, take a look at this article, it is for you. And for us also, because sometimes I forget where it was the most delicious.

And please be indulgent, for us food is pleasure and we intend to keep it that way, and if these places have evoked good emotions in us, then they have a place to be shared here; We will talk about dinner in Sofia in another article soon;

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