Hotel Seven Seasons, Banya village, near Bansko, Bulgaria – the budget SPA accommodation with a location to remember

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When the cloudy weather hides the view and we go exploring the old mineral baths in Banya

When the winter comes and the ski season starts, our winter resorts become quite unattractive for us. There are two reasons for this – the higher prices because of the “high season” and the very busy hotels and accommodations. So if you are not a fan of skiing or nightlife, the area around our most popular ski resort Bansko would not be your first choice for a winter holiday. But yes, there are some exceptions. We are not skiers, nor party animals. We have been to Bansko many times but only staying in a friend’s house. However, there are places nearby that completely fit our style of holidaying in the winter and are also convenient for ski lovers, too. Here we are in Banya village, only 5 kilometres away from Bansko and Razlog.

The view towards Bansko and Pirin mountains from the Kameno area near Banya village, Bulgaria. Hotel Seven Seasons can be seen right on the photo

The view towards Bansko and Pirin mountains from the Kameno area near Banya village. Hotel Seven Seasons can be seen right on the photo

We are staying in Seven Seasons hotel which is on the middle of the road between Bansko and Banya village. It has a wonderful location in the Razlog hollow surrounded by three mountains – Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes. In clear weather the view from all sides of the hotel is amazing. Unfortunately, during our stay it was very cloudy and foggy and we could not enjoy it. But luckily we have been in the area before and we can share some summer photos revealing the full beauty of the place.

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Hotel Seven Seasons near Banya village and Bansko, Bulgaria

Hotel Seven Seasons near Banya village and Bansko, Bulgaria

Accommodation at hotel Seven Seasons

Most of the rooms at the hotel are actually studios and apartments, with only a few double rooms. All of them are very spacious and comfortable. We were staying in a studio with a comfortable bed, a sofa and a small kitchenette. Our daughter would love it if she hadn’t decided to stay with her grandparents for the holidays.

Our studio apartment at Seven Seasons hotel

Our studio apartment at Seven Seasons hotel

Enjoying SPA at Seven Seasons hotel

We admit that we picked this destination for our short winter holiday because it features a SPA centre with mineral waters. We love going to spa, especially in the winter. And we also love exploring new spa destinations because we are keen to update and enrich our article about the hot mineral pools in Bulgaria. Indeed, the topic is quite popular among our readers and we often receive questions about spa destinations we have not explored yet.

Seven Seasons hotel features wonderful indoor pools with mineral water, all very clean. The whole aqua zone is making you feel like in a tropical forest. The pools are under a wooden building, surrounded by a lot of greenery. The air around is humid and sometimes drops of condensed water fall on you. The water temperature is almost the same in all three pools – Jacuzzi, kid’s pool and a swimming pool. If you love very hot waters, you could find it a little lukewarm. However, this is always a matter of personal preference. We spent a lot of time in the pool area.

The pools at Seven Seasons hotel Banya Bansko Bulgaria panorama

The pools at Seven Seasons hotel

There is also a nice outdoor pool with stunning view to the mountains around. However, the water is not warmed in the cold seasons and we did not dare to jump in.

The spa centre features also a sauna and a steam bath where you can warm in case you find the pools not warm enough.

As a little flaw in the spa zone we could mention the lack of showers at easily visible places.

The outdoor pool and the Seven Seasons hotel

The outdoor pool and the Seven Seasons hotel, surrounded by clouds instead of mountains

Food at Seven Seasons hotel

Hotel Seven Seasons features a very nice restaurant offering delicious opportunities to any visitor. No matter whether you have pre-paid for a set menu or decided to be more flexible about food, you will always have a delicious meal there. We were staying on a Full Board regime with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. We were impressed of what was offered to us, especially for dinner. Breakfast was not the richest but we were not very hungry after our big dinner.

Set menu dinner at Seven Seasons hotel - dessert

The dessert

The base accommodation at the hotel does not include any food. You can book a breakfast or dinner at an additional surcharge or just order from the a-la-carte menu. Note that the set menu for breakfast and dinner is offered at fixed hours. If you have not booked a dinner in advance, you can also wait until the set menu is served and then decide if you want to join and pay for it or order a-la-carte.

The cosy restaurant at Seven Seasons hotel, Banya, Bansko, Bulgaria

The cosy restaurant

More about hotel Seven Seasons

One of the great advantages of this hotel is that it is very close to Bansko, just a few km away. Therefore, it is very convenient starting point to the ski slopes. At the same time, it is away from the busy and noisy town and offers stunning views to the surrounding mountains. You can easily stay in the hotel, spend the day skiing and then relax in the SPA centre and the pools. At night the place is extremely quiet.

Our opinion about Seven Seasons hotel in Banya

Maria enjoying a quick rest at the lobby, Seven Seasons hotel, Banya, Bansko,

Maria enjoying a quick rest at the lobby

Hotel Seven Seasons is a nice budget hotel near Bansko, Bulgaria. It has excellent location and offers very good price-quality ratio. If you are used to visit 4-5 star hotels, you may find many disadvantages, but this is a completely different type of hotel so such comparisons are not reasonable at all. The price for a studio like ours varies between 30 – 40 EUR a night for winter 2017-2018, depending on the dates. Family studios and apartments are slightly more expensive. Included in the price is using the pools and the spa zone. No food is included in the base price.

Bath robes are provided at an additional small surcharge but you can bring yours, too. The restaurant is very good, cosy and with completely normal prices for local standards. The place is probably even more beautiful in the warm seasons. There is a large garden with gazebos and children facilities. All rooms feature wonderful views, of course if the weather is clear.

Our overall impression is of a nice budget SPA hotel, offering great price-quality ratio and many advantages like location, views, good food and nice pools.

The old mineral baths at Banya village

As we noted in the beginning, the hotel is in the road between Bansko and the village of Banya, known for its hot mineral springs. Main attractions in Banya are the old public baths that were restored recently and now act as museums. There are two baths – the Turkish bath and the Bulgarian (Roman) bath. Follow the brown signs (Text only in Bulgarian) from the main road to navigate to them.

The old Turkish bath

The old Turkish bath - one of the main attractions in Banya, near Bansko

The old Turkish bath – one of the main attractions in Banya

The Turkish bath was built around 17th century. According to the legend, it was built in attempt to redeem the sins of two local brothers who took part in the Venetian-Turkish war (1714-1718). It had two doors for a reason – the Turks believe that one should go inside the bath with the left foot through the left door before taking a bath and then go out through the other door.  The bath served until 1950s.

The old Bulgarian (Roman) bath

The other bath in Banya village is the Bulgarian bath, known also as the Roman bath,. It was built in Roman style around 16th century. The reason for this is not very clear. One of the versions points that there used to be an ancient Roman bath on the same place. It is called Bulgarian bath because after the construction of the Turkish bath, it was used only by Bulgarians, while Turks bathed in the other bath.

The Bulgarian, or Roman bath in Banya village

The Bulgarian, or Roman bath in Banya village

Around the Bulgarian bath there used to be huge pools with water that were used for laundry by the locals. There were 3 such facilities – for the residents of Bansko, Banya and Razlog. Today one of them is restored but in smaller dimensions, to show how these laundries looked like.

It is worth buying a ticket with a guided tour for both baths. The tour is not long but very interesting. At least we love visiting any baths. Tickets are sold in the Tourist office, just next to the Turkish bath.

For now, the baths are open only as museums and bathing is not allowed. If some day this changes, we will be among the first visitors!

Andrey and Maria in front of the Bulgarian bath in Banya village

Here we are, Andrey and Maria, fans of mineral baths

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