Koprivshtitsa – the revival spirit of Bulgaria

This time we don’t have a special story. It was a nice Sunday afternoon, just after the streets of the small mountain town got calm and empty.

The last tourists had already left the town. The museums were closed and the café where we wanted to eat baklava was closed too. There were no street vendors offering home-made sweets, no groups of tourists walking around, no kids playing on the cobblestone streets. Koprivshtitsa was a little bit lonely, but very quiet in the sleepy Sunday afternoon.

Уличките на Копривщица




In February it can be very cold and slippery between the stone fences surrounding the houses of the small town. The Sunday was very nice and calm for walks. Koprivshtitsa is a small town with a population under 3000 people that has kept its authentic look of Bulgarian Revival times. The beautiful old houses, partially hidden behind the stone fences, remind of the richer and livelier old times.

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Къщада в Копривщица на Тодор Каблешков

Between the streets in Koprivshtitsa you can see a lot of streams and small river that all flow into the bigger Topolnitsa river. One of the bridges, Kalachev bridge, hosted the first shot of the April Rebellion in 1876. .

Калъчевият мост

The old Orthodox church in the town of Koprivshtitsa (1817)

Църквата в Копривщица

By car:

You don’t need a car in Koprivshtitsa, the town is very small. The streets are narrow, passing by car is possible but if two cars meet on the same street it will be a challenge. You’d better find a place to park it and enjoy walking around.

Where we stayed and ate:

I strongly recommend Bonchova house, just near the Kalachev bridge. The host are very kind and hospitable.

We had our lunch and dinner in “Chuchura” restaurant. In the Sunday evening it was very calm and quiet and we enjoyed our dinner without waking up the baby.

With a baby:

Staying in a guesthouse with a baby proved to be a good idea. It was very cozy and comfortable.

Walking around the town with the stroller is another story. Pushing the 20-kg stroller on the iced cobblestone was a big and dangerous challenge. If you insist to try it you will need an off-road stroller. But your enthusiasm will fade on some streets where you will find lots of stairs.

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