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La Cave du Moulin, Sofia

A small cozy bar with wonderful French wine list and excellent service

🍷 Type of place: Wine bar and wine shop

🍽️ Food: Cold appetizers and cheeses

🖐️ Best for: Individual visit, couples, meeting friends

Don’t miss: Wine by the glass (daily selection), thematic tastings

La Cave de Moulin is a great place in the very centre of Sofia, next to Blvd. Vitosha, where you can enjoy French wine in a wonderful cozy atmosphere and friendly service.

Christian Yonchev and his wife Veronica own the place and the whole concept of Moulin and importing wines from France. Christian is not just a bar owner who wants to sell us something, but a traveler with a great culture and full of stories. And Moulin is a place where you can hear many stories, get lost in the world of French wine and find new friends and wine enthusiasts to share the moment with.

The selection is extremely rich. You will find both wines from classic varieties and regions, as well as interesting and little-known hits. The wines are from wineries that have actually impressed Christian and Veronica not only with their wine, but also with their attitude and it’s as if they are offering us products of friends from France, not just mass-produced wine.

And if you feel lost among the bottles as soon as you walk in, the girls at the bar are very knowledgeable and helpful and will happily help you leave with exactly what you came for. Of course, leaving isn’t exactly quick, as you’re likely to encounter other wine enthusiasts passing by or coming to the bar on purpose.

Almost every week they organise different tastings on all sorts of interesting topics, during which you can get to know little-known vintages, styles and regions.

All in all, a visit to La Cave de Moulin is well worth it and you won’t go wrong if you stop for a glass of wine while strolling along the boulevard. Vitosha in Sofia.

Read a detailed article about La Cave de Moulin here:

Last visit: March 2024г.

*This rating is extremely relative, once we have decided to add the place to our list, we look forward to our next visit. You know there are restaurants with signature cuisine and more modest places and to us they are all WOW, but still let’s put them in some order.

But to explain briefly: a 10 is for a place that exceeds expectations for its category. 9 is for the best in its category, and anything above 8 we like a lot. 7 is more for an inconsistent 8. And for places below 7, I suggest we don’t discuss.

So, anything above 8 is so good that it’s worth frequent visits.

9+ will get restaurants with exceptional attention to detail and I personally recommend you don’t miss them.

What you will like:

⭐A great selection of French wines

⭐Excellent service

⭐Cozy place and great atmosphere

⭐ Variety of French wines by the glass

⭐They have a community of wine lovers

What to consider:

🔶The space is tiny, but there is a bar outside on the street

🔶 Food offers are limited, which is understandable, it is a bar after all

🔶Only French wines are available, if that can be any obstacle for wine connoisseurs

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