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The really nice Photoshop actions collection I am happy to use

No matter how carefully you plan your photo shoots, they are always the best. It is very frustrating if you have got up before dawn to shoot the sunrise but missed to make the right settings of the camera. In these frosty mornings, this is very possible to happen. So everyone sometimes needs some help and the right instruments to correct the mistakes. Photoshop actions can do a good job in such times.

Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection – Photoshop actions

Recently I was offered to test and review the products of Danish company Sleeklens and particularly their Landscape Adventure Collection of Photoshop actions. It is something that helps you quickly make corrections on your photos and my wife Maria, who is a real Photoshop lamer, was extremely enthusiastic.

Before and After – the snowy Rhodope mountains

I used the actions to play on one of my photos – a winter view of the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria. On the left picture you can see my obviously improper setting of the camera. But luckily, in the modern world everything can be fixed with not so much effort. So I decided to test how I could do it solely with the Landscape Adventure Collection. I like the result.

Before - original photo from Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria
Before – original photo from Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria
After fixing with the Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection Photoshop actions
After fixing with the Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection

One of the advantages of using Photoshop actions is that they do not require much additional resource because they are not a separate software. And if you are experienced with Photoshop, you might adjust them further to fit your needs. However, they were developed by professional photographers and they are really helpful without any additional adjustments. I was happy to discover that someone did this and saved photographers a lot of work.


Sleeklens provided me with the Landscape Adventure Collection for testing and review. They also offer other similar products, including for Lightroom. You can check all of their products in their website

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