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Cabernet Franc from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria – we would never miss a good wine from a favourite terroir

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Every time we experience something good, we become very enthusiastic to share it with everyone. This is our way to spend our free time and distract from job and other engagements. One of our favourite things to do is tasting new wines and talking about them. Moreover, last weekend we received a special prize for popularizing Bulgarian wine on the Bulgarian Travel Academy Awards. So, in honour of this occasion, we head to another wonderful evening with good wine.

Maria starts tasting before cooking
Maria starts tasting before cooking

Barbeque in the spring evening

One of the wonderful things about our hobby is that tastins new wines is actually another push to travel. First you only travel by taste, but when you are enthusiastic like us, eventually you go physically to the place where this wine comes from, to see the terroir and production.

Megalit Cabernet Franc 2015, Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria
Megalit Cabernet Franc 2015

Our cellar is pleasantly filling with more and more good wines. And when we pick a bottle from it, we start wondering what to pair it with. I don’t know why, but we always tend to traditional Bulgarian delicacies. So, from the previous day we had marinated some pork meat for barbeque and we only waited for the Saturday afternoon to come to light up the fire and start the preparations. Like every self-respecting home chef, we started cooking with wine, which means that we sipped wine in the glasses.

It is not our first time to speak about Cabernet Franc in our small wine reviews. And again we are not speaking about Bedreaux but instead about one of our favourite wine regions – South Sakar mountains in Bulgaria. These are beautiful sunny hills in the beginning of Sakar mountains, towards the valley of Maritsa river. Or we imagine it like this. Soon we will visit it ourselves and will see.

About Megalit 100 % Cabernet Franc from Chateau Kolarovo, vintage 2015 

Chateau Kolarovo is one of our most favourite Bulgarian wine cellars and for this cool evening we picked their wonderful single-variety 100 % Cabernet Franc from their Megalit series. It is thought that the variety Cabernet Franc appeared several centuries ago in Bordeaux and desзite every foreign wine expert would relate it again to Bordeaux or Loire, actually there they use it mostly in blends. In Bulgaria in the recent years it becomes quite popular to make single-variety wines from it, mostly from the higher class.

Let's taste the wine - Megalit Cabernet Franc 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo
Let’s taste the wine

So, this wine is very dark red – dark ruby, as experts would say. It has an amazing aroma of blackberries, dried raspberries and a bit of chocolate. Middle body and attractive taste. Tannins are really softened by the 12-month maturing in 225l French oak barrels. In the taste you will (maybe) discover fruits, raspberry confit and dark chocolate. Yes, we really felt the chocolate. Megalit Cabernet Franc is a rich wine and you could pair it with numerous fine dishes.

Megalit Cabernet Franc from Chateau Kolarovo
Megalit Cabernet Franc from Chateau Kolarovo
Wine:Cabernet Franc – Megalit
Variety:100 % Cabernet Franc
Wine cellar: Chateau Kolarovo
Kolarovo village, Harmanli, Southeastern Bulgaria
Price:20 – 25 BGN (10 – 13 EUR).
Barrique:12 months in 225 l French oak barrels
Serving temperature: 16-18°C
Maria tasting this great wine
Maria tasting this great wine

It is also a great idea to decant it for 30-60 min before serving, in order to enjoy even better aromas and taste. From this limited series (2800 bottles) we already put some in the cellar to mature for a few more years. We will be very curious to see how it will develop. And the pairing with pork skewers on barbeque was just a perfect choice.

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