Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria: When common is not enough

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The boutique wine cellar Chateau Kolarovo is not anything new in our wine adventures. Actually, it is among our favourites in Bulgaria and this article comes a bit late. However, it is about a new wine from them. But let’s start from the beginning.

During weekends our family always seeks to try something new. It might be a small escape from our daily routine in Sofia or just cooking something special and opening an unfamiliar bottle of wine. This weekend we decided to escape on our villa near Stara Zagora and taste a wine we had tasted before and liked a lot, but wanted to try again.

It was really warm outside, almost spring. Maria started to make her amazing very special burgers, but they are too good to tell about now. I sat on the terrace to read a bit about Petit Verdot from one of my favourite books about wine. Because we were preparing to taste a bottle of Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria.

Chateau Kolarovo

When we speak of a wine, we always start with the cellar it comes from. The style of the cellar and the enologist can speak a lot about what to expect from a wine. So far we like everything we have tried from Chateau Kolarovo.

The village of Kolarovo, where the cellar is located, is near the town of Harmanli, Southern Bulgaria, at the foot of Sakar Mountains. We will tell you more about the winery when we visit it, which we hope will happen very soon. Now we are just pointing your attention to the place where this wine is being made. The vineyards are located along Maritsa river and at the foot of Sakar mountains. We find wine from this region very sunny and warm, quite strong in alcohol but very aromatic.

Some reading before tasting Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria
Some reading before tasting Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 from Chateau Kolarovo, Bulgaria

Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a wonderful variety from France, commonly present in Bordeaux blends. But our bottle is 100 % Petit Verdot from Bulgaria. Petit Verdot is not quite a popular variety in Bulgaria, but very promising for warmer regions. Wines from Petit Verdot are full, with dark colour and high tannins. and now it is time to taste our bottle.

Megalit Petit Verdo 2015

From the first sip you understand that this is not a daily wine, nor something you can drink accidentally. Not that you can’t, but you will definitely feel it better with a little bit preparation in advance. Which does not mean you need to be a wine expert. You just have to prepare a good company for it – an appetizer or a full meal.

Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 in combination with a beef burger
Megalit Petit Verdot 2015 in combination with a beef burger

The name of the series – Megalit, speaks for itself. It recalls of something full, serious, got to the last detail. Actually, the whole series Megalit is from single variety reserves, wonderful rich wines for special occasions that deserve some preparation. We paired our Petit Verdot with burgers, as advised by Wine Folly Master Guide – a book we love and one of our most trusted sources of information about wine. The burgers Maria makes are magical, better than any other gourmet burgers we have ever tasted. So we swirl the glass, have a bite from the burger and begin.

The first feeling is of thickness. It fill everything with warmth and softness and we start to wonder whether we find chocolate, black currant or something else. We enjoy the aroma which includes blackberries and red cherries, also some spring flowers. In the taste you can really discover chocolate and forest fruits. Petit Verdot is a variety that makes wines with high tannins, also present here. But we have to say that they are perfectly softened, leaving a sense of a full, round body, a bit piquant. Or maybe the piquant note is coming from the burgers, but the combination is amazing.

For the next time

The wine has a potential for aging in bottle so we left another bottle in our cellar for the coming years
The wine has a potential for aging in bottle so we left another bottle in our cellar for the coming years

Next time we would try Megalit Petit Verdot with roasted meat or maybe something spicier. According to common guidelines about Petit Verdo and food pairing, it should go great with any minced meat products like sausages and, of course, Maria’s burgers.

Wine:Megalit Petit Verdot 2015
Variety:Petit Verdot – 100%
Wine Cellar:Chateau Kolarovo boutique wine cellar
Местоположение:Kolarovo village, Harmanli
vineyards near Oryahovo village, Harmanli
Price:20 – 25 BGN
Barrique:12 months in 500 l Bulgarian oak barrels, previously used for maturing white wine for 5 months
Drinking temperature:16-18°C

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