Merlot and Rubin in a summer harmony – Via Aristotelis Rose by Orbelia, Struma Valley, Bulgaria

A splash of pink freshness from 70 % Merlot and 30 % Rubin from Struma Valley, Southwestern Bulgaria

We often share our thoughts about our favourite wines and grape varieties from all across Bulgaria. Every trip is magical when it is accompanied by good food and wine. Every destination feels differently when spiced with the proper wine. So here we are, one late winter or early spring, exploring the wineries near Melnik and Petrich in the famous Struma Valley, Southwestern Bulgaria. That time we were in Orbelia winery, near the village of Kolarovo, speaking with the owners about their new plantations of the curious Bulgarian grape variety Rubin. It was too early then but we were quick to reserve a bottle of the future Rose wine from Merlot and Rubin that was still in production.

Andrey tasted wine at Orbelia winery

Andrey tastes wine at Orbelia winery

The Rubin is a hybrid between the grape varieties Nebiolo and Syrah. It was developed in the Institute of Viticulture and Enology in Pleven, Bulgaria, in the 1940s. Bulgarian wine grape varieties – popular and lesser-known

Our special bottle of Via Aristotelis Rose (Merlot and Rubin 2017)

There have been several months since the wine was bottled and after a couple of months it eventually found its way to us. So we started waiting for the right moment to open it. It came one really hot summer day when we found ourselves on the terrace of my father-in-law in beautiful Burgas, overlooking the sea.

The bottle of Via Aristotelis Rose wine on the terrace in Burgas, Bulgaria

The bottle of Via Aristotelis Rose wine on the terrace in Burgas, Bulgaria

We put the glasses, opened the wine and sat to enjoy it under the hot sunrays. Beautiful peach colour – the trendy Provence style colour that is present in many Bulgarian rose wines recently.

We are not quite sommeliers but we still can feel the scent of fresh fruits, pomegranate, white mulberry. But also the spirit of the warm days in Southwestern Bulgaria. And Struma river that happily flows between the mountains and forms the famous Struma valley.

The peach-coloured Rose and the beautiful blue sky

The peach-coloured Rose and the beautiful blue sky

We taste the wine without any preparation and predjudices. Juicy, fresh and harmonious taste. There is a lot of mood in this wine and we keep enjoying it 2 days later. It is definitely one of our top wines for summer 2018.

Some details about Via Aristotelis Rose 2017

We tasted the wine quite cold – about 10-12° C, which made it very refreshing. Despite we tasted it without food, we believe it would go perfectly with any fish or seafood. I imagine it in the company of cipura or sea bass fillet. Or maybe Italian food, or just light cheeses with fruits.

About Orbelia winery

We talk about their wines quite often. You can find them in many shops and restaurants, including some large chains in Sofia. We actually shop straight from the winery and it is always a good idea to go there. The winery is near Kolarovo village, Petrich area, Southwestern Bulgaria. On the spot, besides wines, you will find many other pleasures for the soul. Now we are heading to the beach with a lot of rose mood.

Orbelia wine cellar in Kolarovo, Petrich, Bulgaria

Orbelia wine cellar in Kolarovo, Petrich, Bulgaria

We have tasted almost all the wines of Orbelia and we are always looking forward to their new releases. In autumn 2017 they surprised us with the wonderful Orbelia Melnik 55 2016, which is probably sold out. But you can still read about it here and wait together with us for the new vintage.

Там където отлежават вината :)

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