Partners who have become our friends:


Pentax is my favourite photo equipment brand and I have been using it for more than 10 years. The Bulgarian distributors of Pentax are so kind to give me the opportunity to test their products and make great photos.

Villa Vuchev

The 5-star Villa Vuchev is a dream partner. They share our concept that travelling is not just checklisting places, it is an experience you have to enjoy to the maximum. Staying in their hotel is all that any traveller could dream of. We really love the place and we have been there many times, it is wonderful both in spring and winter.

Wine tasting is our new passion and whenever we see a sign “Winery”, we go there. So we were more than happy to be specially invited to visit Villa Melnik – a family-run boutique winery near the town of Melnik. The area has been known for its good wine production for centuries. The place is so magical and beautiful than we spent hours there, tasting their wonderful wines and talking with the owners. It took us very short to become friends and I think we will visit Villa Melnik pretty often.


We don’t go anywhere abroad without a travel insurance. WEBINS is a Bulgarian online insurance service that lets us buy our insurance in less than 5 minutes. Luckily, we haven’t used the cover so far.


Since 2016 our blog is a member of the Association of the owners of tourist online media – ASTOM. It is a young organization aiming to build ethical and professional standards among owners of blogs and websites for travel in Bulgaria.

More partners:

Big Berry

Plitvice Lakes

Medi Valley



Frame Force



Раювски хан



Изба Марян

Rafting Tara


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