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One of these hidden cozy places where you can discover something new – a chocolate boutique at the heart of

This summer surprised us with a lot of rain but also with some very romantic things. If someone had told me that we were going to an unforgettable trip through the world of chocolate at the heart of Sofia on a rainy Tuesday evening, I would never believe. However, it happened and we went to the amazing chocolate tasting with Maggie Curlette in her small boutique between the streets Petar Parchevich and Knyaz Boris I.

Pure Chocolate & Wellness

Pure Chocolate & Wellness

Pure Chocolate & Wellness is a small shop and you might not notice it if you are just passing by. No big signs, no mountains of products, no SALE signs. However, once you get in, it is hard to leave because Maggie is such a wonderful person.

Chocolate tasting – pure pleasure

Many people asked us what could be so special in a chocolate tasting. Chocolate is a pleasure, everyone knows this, but what to taste actually? Well, if you like real chocolate, just go. We will try to reveal a little bit of this experience but will leave something for you to discover, too.

Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting

It was a little dark in the small boutique but the mood was just great. Maggie is not only specialist in chocolate but also in nutrition and essential oils. So it is not necessary to say that the aroma in the shop is also amazing. But we will tell you about it another time. So here we are, sitting around the table and trying to resist the temptation to have a bite while waiting for the event to start. We were served 6 different pieces of chocolate each, coming from different parts of the world.

How Maggie selected the chocolate

Let’s go back to the beginning of our story and how this place appeared in Sofia. Maggie told us that she had traveled a lot, looking for the best dark chocolate everywhere she goes. This is how she finally made her own unintended research in the world of dark chocolate. Once she came back to native Bulgaria, she discovered that dark chocolate had a really bad reputation of something not tasty. So she decided to do something.

"The library " with chocolates

“The library ” with chocolates

Maggie has really tough criteria when selecting the chocolates she imports and sells. She insists on the high cocoa content – no less than 55 %, and the use of only cocoa butter, no substitutes as palm butter or hydrogenated fats. If the chocolate contains any other supplements, they must be natural. And last but not least, the chocolate must be delicious. Of course the latter is very important – no matter how healthy something is, there is no complete happiness if it is not delicious. But as we all know, taste is subjective so let’s go to the real tasting and pick our favourites.

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Bean-to-Bar production means the production of chocolate from the cocoa beans to the final product. It is a concept that guarantees the quality of the product. We admit that we never thought of so many details about chocolate previously. But when we think now, it really reminds us the quality wine production process. Many producers who want to make quality wines usually grow the vineyards themselves and control the whole production process in order to ensure best quality and also to implement their views about good wine. Such thing with chocolate, I guess. And we really appreciate such products.

 The cocoa beans

The cocoa beans

What we tasted with Maggie

The six different pieces of chocolate initially looked small but proved so rich in tastes that we could barely eat them all. As beginners, we started with the one with least cocoa content.

6 different pieces of chocolate

6 different pieces of chocolate

The first one was 66 % cocoa, by the Swiss producer Original Beans. It was the only chocolate made with wild cocoa among the tasted.

Original Beans

Original Beans

Then followed the 70 % Toasted coconut by Madecasse, with cocoa from Madagascar. Not only the coconut impressed us but only the citrus note, coming actually from the cocoa itself.
Number three – the Salted Almond by DICK & TAYLOR, USA. One of our favourites.
Another very curious taste was the ANTIDOTE – USA, again with 73 % cocoa and also mango and juniper berries.

Mango and juniper berries - ANTIDOTE – USA

Mango and juniper berries – ANTIDOTE – USA

Finally, we are in front of the heavy artillery. The last two pieces were really rich in cocoa. Super Dark by TAZA featured 85 % cocoa and reminded us the chocolate they made in Modica, Sicily, by an ancient Aztec recipe. Finally, it was the 92 % Pure by Madecasse that proved the hardest to assimilate.

Finally we voted for the best one and the winner was the Toasted coconut

Андрей дегустира и пише какво е харесал

Andrey tasting the Toasted coconut

And another curious detail – the chocolate tasting was accompanied by a glass of good Bulgarian red wine. Well, we have heard stories that chocolate and wine are hard to pair, but if you believe them, you just need to try the dark chocolate tasting with Maggie and it could change your mind forever.

Thanks to Maggie Curlette

We are grateful to Maggie Curlette for showing us the world of chocolate. We have traveled a lot but we never had a chance to learn so much about real chocolate. Do not hesitate to visit her small shop and buy some chocolate. Or order from her website. All chocolates are personally selected by her.

Мимето и шоколада

Мимето и шоколада

If you prefer to attend a chocolate tasting like us, you can buy a voucher here.

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