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Rose wine from Pamid grape variety by Villa Bassarea, Bulgaria

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We are sitting on the veranda, the kids run on the sun-lit lawn and the trees have just understood that spring has come, but it is actually quite hot outside. A wonderful day to discover a new rose wine from the latest vintage, bottled just a couple of weeks ago. We had ordered several wines from Villa Bassarea – a winery we often write about, located at the foot of the Sakar mountains, in the town of Harmanli, Bulgaria. Our location is quite close to them but now we are unable to visit them because of the extreme measures against Covid-19 across the country. So, we ordered some wine online.

Rose wine from Pamid variety by Villa Bassarea, Bulgaria
Rose wine from Pamid grape variety by Villa Bassarea, Bulgaria

Local varieties: Pamid

We swirl the glasses and think about the pamid. Indeed, I do not remember having drunk a pamid wine before. This is why we ordered this bottle immediately after we heard about its existence and were impatient to taste it.

Pamid was once one of the most popular indigenous grapes in our land. It is believed that it was grown by Thracians, thousands of years ago. It has good sustainability to cold, drought and rot, with high yields at the same time. The grapes are pink and dark red and give light-red, table wines. The pamid wines must be consumed shortly after the fermentation has finished and are not proper for ageing. Maybe this is one of the reasons for which the pamid lost its popularity to the more popular internationally grown varieties. Sometimes it is added to blends without even mentioning. But luckily, wine from pamid is still made in Bulgaria and here is one.

Villa Bassarea Rose from Pamid, 2019

The kids were running and shouting at large and we opened the tasting notebook to write down the impressions of our first pamid.

Rose from Pamid, Villa Bassarea Bulgaria
Rose from Pamid 2019, Villa Bassarea

Colour:  Pale pink, salmon-like, in a nice Provencal style. Aroma: Well, it is always hard for us to describe the aromas, but here we have spring fruits, a bit os cyprus and a mineral note. Taste: the freshness of grapefruit is noticeable with its bitter notes at the end. The body is light to middle.

Rose from Pamid grape 2019 Villa Bassarea
Wine:Rose from Pamid 2019
Winery: Villa Bassarea
Location:Harmanli, grapes is from Kolarovo village
Price:14 BGN (7 EUR)
Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Although we love rose wines, sometimes we find it hard to uncover all of their best sides. So we will need to taste again this rose and deepen our knowledge of it. After the first time, we were glad to discover it and to add a new grape variety to our list for this year.

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