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Rose Picking in Bulgaria (Rozovo village and Enina village)

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The sun is shining above the flower beds and all the tourists like us wander among the rose fields. All of us enjoy the event and fill the field with a cheerful hubbub. A happy group of Asian tourists is taking photos with the rose pickers. It is an old and beautiful tradition related to a product that made famous our little country all over the world – the rose oil.

With May comes the scent of roses and the beautiful rose-red carpet covers the fields of central Bulgaria. The Rose Valley, as the area is known, attracts thousands of visitors. Public rose-picking events are held in many villages and cities. But what the real rose picking looks like?

The traditional Rose Picking near Rozovo village

The rituals with singing and dancing that usually take place around 9 am are usually stages. Actually, the rose picking starts around 5 am and finishes no later than 10 am. During these hours the flowers are still moist. When they dry up, it is time to go. Moreover, only the fully opened flowers are picked.

Nowadays the ritual is more commercial and is mostly held for the tourists. The event is usually held around the villages near Kazanlak after 9 am but despite the unusual time it is still very beautiful and colourful. The beautiful Bulgarian girls in traditional garments stand among the fragrant roses and pose for photos.

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Rose Picking in Bulgaria

Rose Picking in Bulgaria

The traditional Rose Picking near Enina village

Rose fields

Rose fields


Радостни розоберачки


Girls at Rose piking



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