Holiday in the fairy tales – hotel Royal Valentina Castle, Ognyanovo, Bulgaria

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Evolution is a great thing, even when it is about evolution of demands. Some years ago, we enjoyed couch surfing when travelling. Later we upgraded to hostels and then started to look for hostels with private rooms. Now we usually ty to find a cozy comfortable hotel. However, we are still price-conscious so we carefully research the opportunities. It is not easy to find such a place so we are always happy to share our discoveries with our readers. Today we will tell you about one place that is very new and quite surprising – a beautiful SPA hotel in the village of Ognyanovo.

Hotel Royal Valentina Castle

As its name suggests, it is a castle. Despite Bulgaria is not a country with old castles, we apparently have some new ones and this one we love. The Royal Valentina Castle hotel /location/ is one of the two castles located on a hill between the villages Ognyanovo and Marchevo, in Southwestern Bulgaria, near the town of Gotse Delchev. Both hotels are parts of a SPA complex, together with several eco houses and the greenery around.

Ognyanovo village and Hotel Royal SPA Valentina Castle

Ognyanovo village and Hotel Royal Valentina Castle

The castle complex was designed as a new different attraction in the area, which is well known for its healing mineral waters. There are many traditional hotels in Ognyanovo but nothing to attract like a castle. And despite it may look closed and private, it is actually a fully-functioning hotel complex, offering luxury and care at surprisingly good prices.

Accommodation at Royal Valentina Castle

Royal Valentina Castle is not a big hotel. It has maybe around 20 rooms, all of them very spacious and comfortably equipped. We were lucky to enjoy a room in one of the towers with a round bed and we really felt like princes and princesses in a medieval castle. Little Anna also enjoyed her sofa bed so we were all happy.

Thr room

Thе room

The room looked really elegant and cozy. I have no idea how they maintain their embroidered sofa but it looked great. Of course, we could not see all the rooms because they were busy, but the hotel also features a King’s apartment and a President’s apartment.

The round bed

The round bed

Both warm and cold water in the hotel is mineral. It is fully drinkable but has a specific taste (but also healing properties, they say). If you prefer to drink simple table water, you should probably bring your own.

We spent a lot of time in the lobby bar of the hotel. We really love fireplaces and it made us feeling great to sit on the comfortable sofa, enjoy the coziness while Anna was playing in the kids’ corner. We also loved the Christmas decorations.

The lobby of Royal Spa Valentina Castle

The lobby of Royal Valentina Castle

Our top destination – the SPA centre

The main reason we took the journey to Ognyanovo (3h drive from Sofia) was the mineral water and the SPA opportunities in the area. Royal Valentina Castle has a great SPA centre, indeed. We spent most of our time in the indoor kids’ pool where the water was warmest and Anna felt most comfortable. There is also a colder swimming pool, again with mineral water.

Our daughter Anna in in the indoor kids’ pool

Our daughter Anna in in the indoor kids’ pool

The water in both pools is mineral. The tempearture in the kids’s pool is 36 degrees and in the swimming pool – 33 degrees. The outdoor pool is also filled with the mineral water and in the summer they change it daily. The outdoor pool also features and amazing view to Gotse Delchev and Pirin mountains.

The outdoor infinity pool of Royal Spa Valentina Castle

The outdoor infinity pool of Royal Valentina Castle

After the hot sauna or steam bath in the cold season, you can also enjoy a contrast bath in the outdoor pool. However, this is not for everyone and we only dared to put our feet in the cold waters. Our overall impression of the SPA centre is that it is good and spacious. Despite the hotel was full, it did not feel crowded at all. We also enjoyed the indoor Jacuzzi and the relax zone with warm stone beds.

More things to do in the hotel

We were determined to try everything offered so after dinner we headed to play a game of billiard in the foyer. Anna also enjoyed it and was trying to help by placing the balls straight into the holes. It was a great family fun and we saw many families enjoy the game, too.

There is also a small kids’ corner in the lobby area and it is great for smaller children. For the warm seasons, outside there are also a trampoline and a playground.

Food at Royal Valentina Castle

Breakfast was rich and delicious. The restaurant of Royal Valentina Castle is very attractive and cozy, reminding of a medieval fortress.

Baked goat cheese with honey and walnuts

Baked goat cheese with honey and walnuts

It is very convenient to have dinner there, especially if you are travelling with a small kid. The food was also delicious and in the menu they offer some traditional regional specialties that are worth trying.

Cake and coffee in the Lobby Bar

Cake and coffee in the Lobby Bar

More about Valentina Castle complex

The whole complex consists of the two castles, together with several eco houses between them. Valentina Castle is the older and slightly bigger hotel, while Royal, where we stayed, is the newer and more attractive. What we heard is that Valentina Castle had a bigger pool and SPA center but we did not experience this personally. The kids’ zone of Valentina Castle is larger than the one in Royal Spa. /

The eco houses are located in the forest between the two hotels and look really nice and cozy. They have fireplaces inside and some of them feature Jacuzzis.

The area around the hotels is very beautiful and green and is constantly being developed and improved. In the future, the complex will probably be closed for outside visitors in order to preserve the privacy of the guests.

What else to do while in Ognyanovo

If you miss the hot outdoor pool, go to the public pool Miroto – built exactly above the mineral spring. It is accessible anytime, year-round and is free of charge.

You might also want to drive to the picturesque villages Leshten and Kovachevitsa – some 7 km and 15 km away from Ognyanovo. We also visited another village – Delchevo, some 30 km away, up in the Pirin Mountains with an amazing view.

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