Between winter and spring: the new Black Rose by Rupel Winery, Bulgaria

When you wish the winter to end, but there is at least a month left from it. But the spring still reminds that it is coming, despite it is still far. In one such cold, but full of warm mood evening, you wish to drink something fresher than the traditional red wines that keep you warm in the winter. You prepare your pasta, brought straight from Sunny Puglia recently, pair it with a classical tomato sauce with some spicy notes and immerse yourself in dreams of colourful and sunny travels. just there comes the wine 0 aromatic and rich Rose that refreshes us without getting lost in the cold.

If the upper words came too poetic for you, this is because the new Black Rose of Rupel Winery is really rich in aromas, emotions and feelings. Well, you might not feel it the same way. You might not like it at all. The feeling of a wine is something very personal, like the way you feel about food, women, men.. etc. However, this wine filled our evening with smiles, joyful mood and dreams of sunny days, so we decided to share it with you. Now let us tell a few more practical words about it.

Black Rose by Rupel Winery, Struma Valley region, Bulgaria
Black Rose by Rupel Winery, Struma Valley region, Bulgaria

RUSALli Black Rose by Rupel Winery, Bulgaria

RUSALli Black Rose 2018 is something new from Rupel Winery, from vintage 2018. In the recent years we became familiar with their Rose Anita, which is indeed a very nice light rose wine, good for light foods, salad or just for a company when you need something fresh and smiling. The new Black Rose from Merlot and Marselan is being made for the first year and we are thankful to the owners and all other people in the winery who created it.

Flowers, fruits and other feelings

According to the official description (which was doubtlessly made by someone quite more advanced in wine tasting than us), the wine has tender, rich and attractive aroma of red fruit and marmalade. Maria smelled strawberry compote and some flowers, too. The taste is elegant, fruity, with pleasing freshness. Extremely long finish with soft and tender fruity aftertaste. The latter words also come from someone with more knowledge about tasting than us, but we immediately agree. As we said earlier, the Black Rose is intensive, middle-bodied. Thick and rich enough for the cold evenings, but still fresh and reminding us that it is already early March and we need to start smiling more. We must admit that the intensive pink colour really helps for the good mood. Pink always makes you smile.

We love the intensive rose colour of the new rose
We love the intensive rose colour of the new rose

Pairing Rupel Black Rose 2018 with food

According to the official description, this wine is suitable in combination with light summer dishes, salads, fish, as well as meat, desserts as well as self-catering. We actually broke the rules a bit and paired with pasta (ruote pazze, recently brought straight from Salento, South Italy). The sauce was tomato-based, Tuscany-style, slightly piquant with a lot of spices and some pancetta. Well, we have to admit that sometimes the rose went behind the spiciness of the sauce. However, every other sip made it return and remembered us how wonderful it is.

Black Rose by Rupel Winery with Tuscany-style pasta
Black Rose by Rupel Winery with Tuscany-style pasta

Wine:RUSALli Black Rose 2018
Variety:Marselan and Мerlot
Wine Cellar:Rupel Winery
Location:Dolno Spanchevo, Petrich
Price:7 – 8€

The vineyards of Rupel Winery in Bulgaria, Struma valley

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