Sansi – the Welcome wine of Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar, Bulgaria

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It was a cold winter day and we were staying in a very interesting hotel in central Bulgaria, actually in its barn. It might sound challenging but it was actually a cozy and romantic family vacation with a baby. We left the bottle of red wine on the outer side of the window to cool a bit. It was a bottle we had from a previous journey to the area of Melnik, Southwestern Bulgaria, famous for its wine production. Meanwhile we settled around the stove which was almost red-hot from the burning wood.

This barn was once used for shelter and feeding of horses and the facilities for watering the animals are still there. Above it we could still see the hay bales. Next door was the current home of the horse which we saw for a while outside. So we are staying in this romance, warming around the stove while a thick fog is covering the yard.

The environment always helps

Caught in conversations, we almost forgot about the wine and it cooled a little bit more than expected. We quickly poured it in the glasses. We first understood of this wine after a meeting with Federico Ricci from Tuscany. He is the product director of the Bulgarian wine cellar Zlaten Rozhen. And he is a really charming person. He quickly made us fans of his “Welcome wine”. Now let’s say a few words about the wine itself.

Federico and Andrey making a toast
Federico, the product director of Zlaten Rozhen winery, and Andrey making a toast

Tales about wine

The wine is called Sansi – a wonderful combination of Syrah and the popular Italian variety Sangiovese. It is not easy to find in shops, instead you should go to the winery or some good restaurant. It has a deep ruby colour. Flavours of fruits, a bit smoke and some spicy notes. Well, the smoke coukd have been from the stove, actually. It tastes light, typical Italian, middle-bodied. Very fresh wine that makes you want more and more and refreshes the cold winter night.

Sansi - Syrah and Sangiovese from Zlaten Rozhen winery, Bulgaria
Sansi – Syrah and Sangiovese from Zlaten Rozhen winery, Bulgaria

This is probably the wine that first grabbed our attention to the series Family Reserve of Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar. It is a new and quite limited series for now. Well, it could not be as good without the wonderful people working in the winery. After a few visits, we built very nice acquaintances. So, if you find this wine by accident or go to the winery to taste it in purpose, please share your opinion.

Baby Adriana waits for us while we taste the Sansi wine
Baby Adriana waits for us while we taste the Sansi wine


And one advise from us – make a trip to Melnik and do not miss to stop in Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar in the village of Kapatovo. Or stay at Zlaten Rozhen hotel in Rozhen village, a few km from Melnik. In the hotel you can also taste their wines. We did both and it was a great decision.

In mid-February is held the traditional Melnik Wineries Open Doors event. It is a great opportunity to visit the local wine cellars.
Винарска изба Златен Рожен

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