Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing for the tourism industry

Social media are a major communications channel for any company in the tourism industry. Now we, the team of, decided to share our large experience in social media marketing in order to help other companies communicate with their customers better. We would like to offer you a high-quality service, doing the best we could do with all our resources in order to boost your social media presence and enchance the relation with your current and potential customers. What we offer:

Social media marketing:

  • Creating and managing Facebook business pages and Instagram profiles
  • Individual vision and style
  • Creating and sharing quality content with attention to detail. Sharing motivating, useful and engaging content
  • Groups and events management
  • Keeping the audience engaged
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram with a pre-defined budget

Why we want to work with the tourism industry and why you will like to work with us?

We have a strong background and resources related to travelling and tourism. Among our most valuable assets are our travel blog, several Facebook pages with over 200 000 fans in total and a large amount of quality travel photographs. Given this background, we are able to offer you various services that could help your tourism business grow and engage its audience. Among them are:

  • Advertising and link building through our website See statistics in our media kit.
  • Advertising and positioning in our Facebook pages with over 200 000 fans in total
  • Opportunities to work with other popular bloggers
  • Quality photographs, selected specially for your needs
  • Interior and exterior photography

Why contact us?

If you want to grow your business, social media is a wonderful and necessary platform for reaching your customers. We believe that you are really good in what you are doing and your product is great! But we also know that many of you do not have the time or the will to manage the social media part of the business. We will be happy to do this job for you and let you focus on what you are really good at – developing great products and managing a great company!

Our offer

We consider any request for partnership individually. For us it is most important to figure out whether we could offer you really good results and whether we have the right resources to meet your needs. We work only on cases when we are confident we could help the customer achieve his goals.

Tell us more about your business and we will send you a tailored offer for partnership.



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