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Restaurant Week September 2019 edition – now in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna

It is now September and all foodies, gourmet lovers and restaurant lovers in Sofia are full of excitement – this means it is time for one of the top food events of the year – Sofia Restaurant Week. It has been 4 months since its last edition and we are all impatient to discover what some of the best restaurants in Sofia have prepared for us this time. If you still have no idea what we are talking about but would love to eat well in Sofia – keep reading.

Indeed, it’s triple joy this time! The restaurant Week is happening simultaneously in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

The next edition of Sofia Restaurant Week will be held between 21 – 29 September 2019. Reservations will open on 11 September here For the first time the festival will be held simultaneously in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Below you can find more info about it and our impressions from previous editions.

What is Sofia Restaurant Week?

It is a city-wide event held twice a year – in May and September. The participating restaurants offer set menus of three or four courses against a fixed price – this year it is 30 lv (15 EUR). Usually this is a great deal because most of the restaurants are fancy and with prices above the average level in Sofia. And a 3-course meal in such a restaurant for this price is just irresistible deal.

What is the menu?

Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen
Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen, SRW September 2018

Every restaurant offers 2 set menus that guests can choose from. All the menus are published online here: Usually, there is something for everyone – vegetarians, meat lovers, seafood lovers… You can also find an Armenian restaurants, Japanese/Sushi restaurants, Indian restaurants, Italian, Portuguese and of course Bulgarian, as well as own restaurants of famous Bulgarian chefs. Maybe the more difficult thing is to pick the place of places you want to visit. So pick carefully and be quick to book your table on time.

How to book?

Our team at Club Pouchkine restaurant, SRW May 2018
Our team at Club Pouchkine restaurant, Sofia Restaurant Week May 2018

One of the things we love the most about Sofia Restaurant Week is that you can book your seats online. Do not be surprised but yes, there are still many places in Bulgaria where you cannot book online. Luckily, for Sofia Restaurant Week it is not the case. Just go to the page with menus, pick your preferred restaurant and against every menu/restaurant you will see the button for reservation. Finally, you just book your table, then show up and enjoy!

Which restaurants are the best?

As we said, this is the most difficult question ever. In May 2018 we visited Club Pouchkine (temporarily closed now) and Tempero. If you ask us why and are they the best among all – we cannot say! All of the restaurants are very good. In September 2018 we decided to visit Social Café, another wonderful place. In the May 2019 edition only Club Pouchkine from the above was participating but we were out of town and missed the event.

So choose the ones that excite you the most and be quick to reserve you table!

All about Sofia Restaurant Week September 2019 – here:

social cafe bar & kitchen sofia bulgaria

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Club Pouchkine restaurant in Sofia Bulgaria

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Tempero Restaurant, Sofia

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