Central Italy

Лоренцо (вляво) и Стефано, собствениците на PS Ristorante със зелена звезда Мишлен

PS Ristorante’s lucky star is green – The Restaurants of Tuscany, Italy

The Michelin Green Star was introduced in 2020 to recognize sustainable practices in restaurants. The award goes to restaurants that follow high...

Избата на La Taverna di San Giuseppe - антична етруска пещера, издълбана в скалата

The restaurants of Tuscany: La Taverna di San Giuseppe, Siena and food from the heart of Tuscany

A few meters below the level of the medieval streets of Siena, surrounded by more than 600 bottles of wine...

Питие за добре дошли в Le Logge del Vignola, Монтепулчано

The restaurants of Tuscany: Le Logge Del Vignola and true hospitality, Montepulciano

Massimo Stella greets us at the door and we immediately know we are at the right place. It is our first...

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