A boat - Ohrid lake

Discovering the Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Ohrid Lake – Macedonian “seaside”, Samuil’s fortress and Saint Naum monastery There is never enough time to enjoy the places...

Monastery Holy Trinity, Meteora in Greece

Meteora in Greece – faith on the top of the world

“Suspended in the air” or “in the heavens above” – this is what Meteora literally means. It is also the...

Giola /Γκιόλα/, Thassos

The beauty of Thassos island in April, Northern Greece

One of our favourite places to go in the spring is the beautiful Thassos island in Northern Greece. Thassos island...

Poganovo Monastery in Serbia

To Pirot and back, a little journey to Eastern Serbia

A perfect day trip from Sofia to Pirot and Poganovo monastery We have been to Pirot, Serbia, so many times...

Манастир Високи Дечани , Косово

Visoki Dečani, Metohija (Kosovo)

UNESCO World Heritage  (since 2004) It was a dog that welcomed me with a loud barking. The soldiers around the...

Zica monastery, Serbia

Žiča and Studenica – two beautiful Serbian Monasteries

Visiting two great Orthodox Serbian Monasteries – Zica and Studenica Like most Bulgarians I am not so good in Serbian...

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