Northern Bulgaria

Belogradchik rocks and fortress, Bulgaria

The Belogradchik Rocks as we saw them

I woke up before sunrise, I hadn’t actually planned it. I got up, dressed quietly, trying not to wake up...

Asenevtsi monument in Veliko Tarnovo - places to see in Veliko Tarnovo, attractions in Veliko Tarnovo

A walk through history: The most important places to see in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

We walk along the cozy street General Gurko in Veliko Tarnovo. This is not the most touristy part of the...

Крепост Царевец, Велико Търново, България

Tsarevets fortress – the bastion of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in Veliko Tarnovo

There is no doubt that the first place you should visit in Veliko Tarnovo is the Tsarevets fortress. It was...

Adriana at History Inn Guest house hotel in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria

History Inn Guest House – feel the coziness of old Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

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For a long time we wanted to stay in those old houses in the old town of Veliko Tarnovo, where...

The arch of Tyulenovo, Northern Bulgarian seaside, attractions north of Varna

The unspoiled Northern Bulgarian seaside: the most amazing places north of Kavarna

Anna likes to wake up around 6.30 am, with the first rays of the spring sun. Then she comes to...

Krapets Holiday houses, Bulgaria

When you don’t want to leave – a holiday in Krapets village, Bulgarian Black Sea coast in April

Anna’s first and main task was to find the room where she would not sleep. Our little princess does not...

Старите църкви покрай Янтра в Асенова махала, Велико Търново

The great churches of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The churches between Trapezitsa and Tsarevets hills keep the history of great victories and even greater tragedies We are walking...

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