Розаспина реколта 2018г. Винарска изба Златен Рожен

Rosaspina 2018 – Bulgarian sangiovese rose wine with Italian feeling

Bulgaria is a real paradise for the wine connoisseurs – undiscovered, but very interesting, diversified and adventurous. In the days...

SYCAGY Exlusive Lot - Златен Рожен - вино за подарък

A late autumn picture with a stunning good Bulgarian wine – SYCAGY Exclusive Lot

Broken things bring happiness! I have no idea where this superstition comes from but it is a popular sentence in...

Rose Anita from Rupel winery, Bulgaria

Rose wine with Pontic shad and Tamianka with mussels soup. Wines from Rupel, Struma valley, Bulgaria and mood from the sea

We took a well-deserved spring holiday on the Bulgarian Black sea coast and the sea breeze in the evenings brought...

Sansi - syrah and sangiovese from Zlaten Rozhen, Bulgaria

Sansi – the Welcome wine of Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar, Bulgaria

It was a cold winter day and we were staying in a very interesting hotel in central Bulgaria, actually in...

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