Uva Nestum Rose 2019

The fresh Rose of Uva Nestum, vintage 2019

It is not necessary to travel to the sea if you want to drink rose wine with seafood, but we...

Megalit Syrah 2013 from Chateau Kolarovo wine cellar, Bulgaria

Megalit Syrah 2013 from Chateau Kolarovo and the moments of home isolation with family

Maria went to the basement to take wine for lunch and returned with two bottles. One of them was the...

SYCAGY Exlusive Lot - Златен Рожен - вино за подарък

A late autumn picture with a stunning good Bulgarian wine – SYCAGY Exclusive Lot

Broken things bring happiness! I have no idea where this superstition comes from but it is a popular sentence in...

Sansi - syrah and sangiovese from Zlaten Rozhen, Bulgaria

Sansi – the Welcome wine of Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar, Bulgaria

It was a cold winter day and we were staying in a very interesting hotel in central Bulgaria, actually in...

Syrah 2014 Reserve by Villa Bassarea, Bulgarin red wine

One of a thousand – a bottle of Syrah Reserve 2014 by Villa Bassarea, Bulgaria

Villa Bassarea Syrah 2014 – a wine that you must taste in 2018 Every wine that has arrived at our...

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