Griffins Thracian tomb near the town of Shipka, Bulgaria

Expedition through the Kazanlak valley – the Thracian tombs Helvetia, Griffins and Shushmanets

It was the morning of a smiling spring day. Outdoors the sun was making world shinier and warmer and we...

The entrance of the tomb of Alexandrovo, Alexandrovo tomb, a Thracian tomb in Bulgaria

The tomb of Alexandrovo, Bulgaria – come and see the world of ancient Thracians

We enter the tomb of the Thracian king (or another noble man, you never know) and we find ourselves in...

Mezek Thracian tomb in Bulgaria, Mezek tomb

Mezek Thracian Tomb, Bulgaria – how a legend turned out to be true

Where to see the bronze boar from Mezek and where to try really good home-made boutique wine We love travelling...

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Our pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Israel – a journey through centuries and legends

What it feels like being in the Holy Land and praying on the tomb of Jesus A journey to Jerusalem...

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