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Winery in Tuscany

Along the curves between the hills of Tuscany, the phones either do not work or work intermittently. Tuscany just doesn’t let you take your eyes off it. From the golden hills planted mainly with wheat and vines in the D’Orcia valley, through the higher and wooded uplands of the north, and all the way to the coastline, which we did not reach, but whose aroma, freshness and salinity can be felt even in wines from the interior of Tuscany. And when you walk on million-year-old seashells almost 100 km inland, stand on one of the hundreds of hills and hear the story of each wine, you understand why we don’t need a telephone in Tuscany. You only need to listen, watch, taste and soak up every drop of Tuscany. And then to go home, write and relive it.

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