Wines from North Bulgaria

Мелник 55 и лозята на изба Рупел

Bulgarian wine grape varieties – popular and lesser-known

Do you know any typical Bulgarian wine grape varieties? Have you tried some? Bulgarian wine is a lesser-known wine universe....

Избата на винарна Ялово

Finding Kokorko: Yalovo Winery and the traditional Bulgarian grape varieties

Dimitar and I walk among the vineyards, somewhere between the Gamza and Dimyat plantations. The vines are young and this...

LE VIN Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

LE VIN Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, Svishtov Winery

“This wine is very good!” – such words usually make a great start of our conversations with friends around the...

Горчивка Мерло (Gorchivka Merlot) от Винпром Свищов

Gorchivka Merlot from Vinprom Svishtov – the tender wine with bitter name

We have to admit that we were skeptical about this wine. Who would name his wine Gorchivka (Bitterness)? Well, we...

the Orange wine from Dimyat grape, BUlgarian orange wine, Bulgarian white wine, Dimyat grape

Orange wine from the traditional Bulgarian variety Dimyat – what is it?

Orange Wine Barrel Fermented 2016 – Maryan Winery In summer 2017, during a trip to the Balkan mountains near the...

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