The Retro tram in Sofia, Bulgaria and some good Bulgarian wines

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The green retro tram is one of our favourite attractions on the streets of Sofia despite it can be seen just occasionally. Unfortunately it is not out daily. Instead, it can be seen a few times a year on special occasions and public holidays. Or if it is hired for a private event. This is why we had not had the opportunity to travel with it so far. Until recently, when we were excited to be invited to a Bulgarian wines tasting in it.

The beautiful people of Vino Orenda

The beautiful people of Vino Orenda

We were more than happy to accept the invitation of Vino Orenda Wine Shop for their 5th birthday. The party was exactly in the cozy green tram. Of course the party featured wine tasting and we were more than enthusiastic to be there. So our first retro tram ride in Sofia turned into a memorable experience.

Bulgarian wines tasting in the Sofia retro tram

Bulgarian wines tasting in the Sofia retro tram

The Sofia Retro Tram

The retro tram was produced by Siemens in the first half of 20th century and was renovated a few years ago. It can be spotted most often on the line from Vazrazhdane square to Journalist square. However, it cannot be spotted daily. It is usually on the streets on public holidays like the Day of Sofia 17 September, or if hired for special private events.

Sofia's Retro Tram

Sofia’s Retro Tram

The retro Tram

What Bulgarian wines we tasted

Our hosts offered a wonderful selection of 5 Bulgarian wines, all of them very proper for the 30-degrees heat that day. 2 were from one of our favourite wineries in Bulgaria Villa Melnik – their Orange wine and Bergule Pinot Noir. We also tasted the very nice Rose of Orbelus. The surprise of the day was Middle Forest Chardonnay Barrel of Manastira winery which we have not visited yet but will probably do it soon. This first meeting with their products was a very good surprise but I will tell you more about them after our visit.

The best ways to meet Bulgarian wine

Generally, our ride was a wonderful experience and the hosts from Vino Orenda proved that they are good specialists in their job. I would doubtlessly turn to them if I need an advice in the selection of a bottle of Bulgarian wine. Their shop is specialised in Bulgarian wines and if you have not tried one yet, do not hesitate to contact them.

Vino Orenda

Vino Orenda wine tram

And if you have more time and enthusiasm, I would recommend you to head straight to a winery and experience Bulgarian wines in the most natural way. See Why to visit a wine cellar in Bulgaria and what you will find there.

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