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February, the month of wine – where to celebrate Trifon Zarezan 2020 in Bulgaria?

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In the recent years we are more and more excited about the coming of February. It’s because of the Trifon Zarezan, the day of vinegrowers and winemakers in Bulgaria. Some people celebrate St. Trifon’s day on February 1st, others on February 14th, and we celebrate during the whole month. However, in this article we won’t be telling you drunken stories (we don’t actually have such, otherwise we would tell them), but will share with you a list of the Trifon Zarezan 2020 festivities across Bulgaria. Every year more and more wine cellars and wine regions organize wonderful events for the public and we are only sorry that we canot be everywhere.

Trifon Zarezan at Villa Melnik winery - 2018
Trifon Zarezan at Villa Melnik winery – 2018

Trifon Zarezan in Melnik region

The Melnik Wineries Open Doors event will take place for forth year in a row in 2020. The celebrations are conveniently on a Friday this year and the event will continue on Saturday ‎and Sunday. From February 14th to 16th 2020 12 wineries below will be open for visitors and ‎wine lovers! ‎

Every participating winery will prepare their own program for the days. You can expect ‎pruning of the vines, wine tastings, tours, music and local foods. Follow the details for each one ‎on this page and the wineries’ individual ones.‎

A view to Angistro mountains in Greece from the vineyards of Rupel Winery, Bulgaria
A view to Angistro mountains in Greece from the vineyards of Rupel Winery, Bulgaria

Participating wineries in Trifon Zarezan 2020 in Melnik:‎

‎• Villa Melnik , Harsovo village, www.villamelnik.com,  Their event on Facebook

‎• Zlaten Rozhen, Kapatovo village, www.zlatenrozhen.bg The event on Facebook

Rupel Winery, с. Долно Спанчево, www.rupel-wine.com Rupel Event on Facebook

‎‎• Uva Nestum Wine & SPA, Gotse Delchev https://uvanestum.com/

• Orbelia Winery, Kolarovo village, www.orbeliawinery.bg Facebook event

‎• Via Verde Wines http://viaverde.bg/?lang=en 

‎• Augeo Family Estate, Vranya village, www.augeofamilyestate.bg Facebook event

‎• Zornitza Family Estate Relais & Châteaux, www.zornitzaestate.com

‎• Gardens and vineyards Kapatovo, Kapatovo village, http://www.kapatovo.bg/

‎• Libera Estate, Hotovo village, www.liberaestate.com Facebook event

‎• Orbelus, Kromidovo village, www.orbelus.bg

‎• Winery St. Vrach, 7 km from Sandanski http://svetivrach.com/

‎• SeeWines, Harsovo village https://seewines.com/ ‎Facebook event

 ‎•@SinticaWinery, Sandanski  http://sinticawinery.com/

The tunnels where wines of Villa Melnik mature
The tunnels where wines of Villa Melnik mature

Plan your visit to the Melnik region with the Melnik Wine Routes Map, available for free ‎download here ‎. There ‎you can find more information about all wineries as well as major tourist attractions such as ‎Sandanski, Petrich, Melnik, Rupite, Rozhen Monastery, Heraclea Sintica, King Samuil’s Fortress.

The yard of Rozhen monastery
The yard of Rozhen monastery

Where to stay in Melnik and the region?

To enjoy the Melnik Wineries Open Doors event, it is a good idea to stay in Melnik or Sandanski. Most wineries are within several kilometres distance, just a few minutes by car from both Melnik and Sandanski.

The town of Melnik is more authentic and cozy and we always prefer to stay there. Also, it tends to be cheaper. Here you can see some ideas of hotels and guest houses in Melnik.


If you cannot find rooms in Melnik, check the offers in Sandanski.


Trifon Zarezan in South Sakar

South Sakar mountains is another wine region in Bulgaria we love. Until just two years ago we did not consider the town of Harmanli as a travel destination. But now we don’t miss an opportunity to visit. The reason is the local wine cellars that make amazing wines, and their owners are amazing people, too. Together with them we also discovered how wonderful places for tourism there are in the region. However, let’s stick to wine now.

Villa Bassarea winery, Harmanli
Villa Bassarea winery, Harmanli

On the occasion of Trifon Zarezan, four wineries from South Sakar are organizing the “Extreme Wine Tour South Sakar 4×4”. The participants in the tour will be driven through 4 wine cellars in one day, tasting at least four wines in each, together with local delicacies. A busy but very interesting experience, only for extreme winelovers!

In the evening the participants will also have the opportunity to join a festive dinner with wine at Enoteca Sakar – a wonderful new wine place, uniting most of the winemakers in the region. Even if you can’t join the tour now, put it your list for later.

The extreme wine tour will take place on February 1st. But as far as we know, due to hight interest there will be a second date for February 8th. Follow the event on Facebook for more updates and information how to book.

Where to stay?

We do not have a favourite hotel in Harmanli but there are several options. Check them below.


Trifon Zarezan 2020 in Sofia

Tour de Zarezan 2020 is an urban wine event that will take place for third year in a row in Sofia. The event is hosted by several restaurants, wine bars and wine shops that have embraced the mission to spread the word about great Bulgarian wine.

Трифон Зарезан в София - Софийски Квартален Tour De Зарезан

This year’s Tour de Zarezan will take place on 8 February 2020. Representatives of 16 wine cellars will present a total of 32 wines on 5 locations in Sofia city centre.


Vino Orenda Wine Shop – A shop for Bulgarian wine only. Ruski Pametnik square, Bul. Macedonia 50A (entrance from bul. Skobelev).

Win bar Grape Central – Tsar Samuil str., 45

Kupazh – a shop for Bulgarian cheese, delicacies an wine – Solunska str. 42

Enjoywine – Shop for Bulgarian wine, Tsar Shishman 19

Balaban Wine Bar & Shop – Krakra 22

FREE entrance!

Follow the event on Facebook for more information.


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