Celebrate Trifon Zarezan 2018 in Sofia – where and how?

Take a wine tour in Sofia to celebrate the holiday of winegrowers and winemakers in Bulgaria

Since we started writing about wine, we rediscovered the old Bulgarian holiday Trifon Zarezan. Never heard of it? Well, the story is interesting.

Trifon Zarezan is celebrated in Bulgaria as the patron day of winegrowers and wine producers. The date is 14 February. Right, it is the same day as Valentine’s day, which is not actually a traditional Bulgarian holiday. However, it is worldwide popular and of course many Bulgarians celebrate it, too. But on 14 February each year Bulgarians separate. Some are celebrating love and the others – wine. Very few of them would actually celebrate both holidays. Anyway, we have never been into holidays and do not even like Christmas or birthdays. So Valentine’s or Zarezan, for us it did not matter until recently. However, wine events become more and more interesting and attractive and this year we are keen to present you the Trifon Zarezan celebrations that you can attend, if around.

Tryphon’s day is celebrated in Bulgaria as the patron day of winegrowers and wine producers. The date is 14 February (Old Style) and 1 February New Style. 

Traditionally, most of the events are happening on the vineyards because Trifon Zarezan is first the day of wine growers. However, if you are not interested in visiting a vineyard, you can celebrate it urban style in Sofia. The most interesting event this year is called Tour De Zarezan and is happening on 3 February, from 14 to 19 h.

During Tour De Zarezan you will be able to make a free tour through 4 wine shops in central Sofia, every one of them offering free tastings of Bulgarian wines. In each shop will be presented the wines of 4 wineries, most of them small, boutique and family-owned.

The event will take place from 14 to 19 h on 3 February and if you go through all the locations, you will be entitled to take part in a lottery with awards.

Where and what to taste during Tour De Zarezan?



Via Verde Wine Project

Ivo Varbanov

Manastira Wine Cellar

Maryan Winery




Tsar Samuil srt. 45

Villa Bassareа

Chateau Kolarovo

Orbelus Bio winery

Prisoe Wine Cellar


“Kupazh” wine shop

Solunska 42

Domain Marash

Melvino Wine Project

Rupel Winery

Villa Teres


BISTRELLO restaurant

Knyaz Boris str. 66

Borovitsa Wine Cellar

Bratanov winery

Zlaten Rozhen

Villa Melnik

All of the participating wineries produce high-quality and interesting wines. So if can do it, try to taste everything everywhere. However, we have our favourites among them. So if you are wondering which are the must-taste offers, do not miss Villa Melnik and Maryan winery.

We wish you happy tasting!

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