Some of most beautiful caves in Bulgaria

So many landscapes and street and city views. I hope you like them but I want to show you something different, something underground. Of course, although it is not under the sun it is very beautiful too. Don’t forget the warm clothes. There the temperature during all seasons is 5-15 degrees.

Ledenika cave

Near town of Vratsa, up in the Stara Planina Mountains.

Пещера Леденика / Ledenica cave

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Known from many centuries, here the shepherds stored their production because it was well preserved in the cool temperature. In the entrance the stalactites, stalagmites and rock columns are stunning decorated with ice cover in the cold winter days and nights. This ice cover gave the name of the cave – Ledenika (Леденика) means The Icy in Bulgarian.

Пещера Леденика / Ledenica cave

Yagodina cave

In Buynovo gorge, on the way to Yagodina cave, Rhodope Mountains.

Ягодинска пещера / Yagodina cave

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A small road, deviated from the main mountain road between towns Dospat and Smolyan in Rhodope Mountains, leads to Yagodina cave. One of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria, totally civilized. There you can make your wedding ritual, but you will need to be very careful, because the divorce will be made in another cave nearby – The Devil’s Throat .

Ягодинска пещера / Yagodina cave

Ягодинска пещера / Yagodina cave

Ягодинска пещера / Yagodina cave

The Devil’s Throat

Again in Rhodope Mountains.

Пещера Дяволското Гърло / The Devil's Throat

Close to the road to Trigrad village is the entrance to this scary-named cave. There is a man-made tunnel leading to the highest underground waterfall in Bulgaria (~42m).

[mapsmarker marker=”116″] Пещера Дяволското Гърло / The Devil's Throat

Prohodna cave

Close to Karlukovo village, Balkan Mountains [mapsmarker marker=”117″] Unfortunately in this cave they were shooting a movie and I couldn’t see this beautiful place inside.

Пещера Проходна / Prohodna cave

March 2016

Prohodna cave

Prohodna cave

Saeva dupka cave

Close to town of Yablanitsa

Пещера Съева Дупка / Saeva dupka cave

The cave have been found by two shepherds a long time ago and the name of the cave came from their names, but I’m not sure how to write it. Съю – maybe Sayu, the one and the other Sayko – Съйко. [mapsmarker marker=”118″]

Пещера Съева Дупка / Saeva dupka cave


Close to town of Belogradchik and even closer to Rabisha village

Пещера Магурата / Magurata cave

The cave is famous with its wall drawings. The “newest” are more than 3000 years old. But unfortunately the last time I was there the gallery with the drawings was closed.

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Devetashka cave

Close to town of Lovech

Деветашка пещера / Devetaki cave

This cave becomes more and more famous, especially after the filming of Expendables 2 inside. For the cave of this film I wrote another post. If you don’t know the movie, you may want to know that this gorgeous cave was a military secret base where oil and military reserves were stored.

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Have you ever visited a cave in Bulgaria? Do you have a favourite?

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