The most beautiful place in spring – Vacha dam, Bulgaria

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A small story about Vacha dam in Rhodope Mountains – Bulgaria, and a guesthouse reached only by boat

Let’s meet Ivan. He will be our host for next two days. Ivan was waiting for us on the shore which we could reach by car. We parked our cars with difficult maneuvers, unloaded our luggage and the two babies and found ourselves standing on the side of the Vacha dam. Some of us were taking photos, other trying to get on the boat that was waiting for us to take us to the opposite side.

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Язовир ВЪЧА 41.917847, 24.433658

Vacha dam, Bulgaria

It was not easy for our urban minds to accept that this small boat is secure enough to take us through the calm but deep waters of Vacha dam. My wife was quite scared every time the boat rocked. But our 4-month old baby was very curious – like me. The boat quickly crossed the waters and stopped at the pier. Getting out of it was also a challenge for some of us but actually there’s nothing to be scared of because the water there was shallow and the worst that could happen was getting wet.

The other side of Vacha dam

However, nobody got wet and we arrived on the other side of the dam. This coast has always been looking very remote and inaccessible. The nearest village there is Ravnogor but it is quite far from Vacha dam. Probably this is the reason that this coast is very clean, wild and calm. Just there we settled in a solar-powered villa where we could drink the water from the nearby spring.

Vacha dam, Bulgaria

The reason we visited this place was our first wedding anniversary but I will skip this story and just right into our afternoon walk. Ivan happily agreed to accompany us to the beautiful rocks above the dam – a 2-3 hours walk up in the mountain. Walking through the forest we understood that this place used to be an old farmyard with fruit trees. Old stone buildings in the mountain make you wonder who had lived here and what a beautiful view he enjoyed in this calm place. On the path we also saw tracks of deers, wild boars and Ivan’s dog Tara. Finally, the path was over and we started climbing between the trees. It was a hard walk but when you find yourself on the top and hang your feet above the deep, you feel satisfied.

Vacha dam, Bulgaria

Vacha dam, Bulgaria

Vacha dam, Bulgaria

Vacha dam, Bulgaria

We spent the night in the villa and the next day we left this beautiful place with a little bit of sadness. However, we stayed there up to the late afternoon, laying in the hammocks under the warm spring sun, wild bees buzzing around. Next time we will bring some trout for the grill, it will fit very well to the experience.

Where to stay on Vacha Dam

As you might have noticed lately, I try to show you not only beautiful areas but places to stay there too. Ivan’s villa ( is maybe the best place in the area – calm, quiet, with a friendly host. Together with this you get comfortable beds, beautiful view, goat cheese and good coffee. We had a lovely holiday on Vacha dam!

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