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Having a well-developed blog and two very popular Facebook pages, together with my photography skills gives me the opportunity to offer variable services to my clients and build partnerships based on mutual benefits. If you are curious whether you could work with us, keep reading!


If your business is somehow related to the topic of my blog—tourism, photography, travel, wine etc., you are always welcome to write me and present me with your idea of building a new partnership. What I could offer is a presentation of your company or products on my pages, for example hotels, restaurants, wine cellars, photography equipment or anything else related to my interests. The content will be published on my website (Bulgarian and English), as well as on my Facebook pages Andrey Andreev Photography and Tourist sites of Bulgaria.

It is important to know that we do not write about things and places we have not experienced personally. We put quality first, I hope you will understand.

However, everything I write about is something I have experienced personally. For example, if you have a hotel, you might want to invite me to stay a few nights and show me around so I have the material to write an interesting and engaging post about your place. If you are selling photo equipment, you might want to let me test it before I write about it. These are just examples, feel free to present me with your idea of partnership and I will be happy to discuss it. Just mind that I never write about things I do not know and have not seen and experienced. For an example, see this post:

Orbelia Melnik 55, 2016

Orbelia Melnik 55, 2016 – One of our best friends in the autumn

The non-professional winelover's review of a bottle of Melnik 55, 2016 by Orbelia Winery Bulgarian grape varieties are…
View of Villa Melnik

Chasing the Orange wine through Bulgarian Tuscany – visiting Villa Melnik winery

Exploring and tasting wines in Melnik region, Bulgaria Driving by the small roads from the town of Melnik…
The wonderful room at Savhotel

Savhotel – our family Home in Bologna, Italy

It is great to have a full weekend in Bologna, arriving Friday night and leaving Sunday night. You…
Trattoria Anna Maria, Bologna, Italy - social media marketing opportunities

Trattoria Anna Maria – the most authentic place to feel tasty Bologna, Italy

The only place where you can taste the real traditional home-made food from the Bolognese countryside Can you…

We are always happy to write an extensive article about a nice travel destination. The articles about particular cities, regions or attractions prove very successful. Our latest projects include a partnership with Stara Zagora municipality, tourist board of Rijeka, Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia and BIG BERRY glamping, Slovenia.


It is very important how we can collaborate, but of course it is more important what you get in return. Here are our assets and capabilities that we believe can help you the most.



One of the most important things for us is keeping good positions in search engines such as Google Search and Bing. We are not achieving this by paid advertising but instead by providing quality and searchable content. Our articles about many travel destinations appear in top 5 results on Google and the search engine is one of our most valuable source of readers. We are putting a lot of effort in this and we are happy that this work gives results. Below you can see our statistics for Q2 and Q3 of 2018.

Google search traffic for Q2 – 2018:

Google Search Console второто тримесечие на 2018 г.

Google Search traffic for Q3 2018

Статистика на търсенето за третото тримесечие на 2018


This is our most important asset and we do our best to write interesting stories with a personal attitude. We hope you like the articles in our blog. We always work on them together and read our new pieces multiple times in order to publish the best we are capable of. Our team consists of Maria – a former journalist and current PR and Marketing specialist, and Andrey, who has more than 10 years experiens in photography. So we believe we have all the resources needed to create the best content for your business.


If you want to use my photos for advertising, publishing or any other purpose, I will be happy to issue you the needed permission against a respective fee. The price depends on the purpose of use of the photo, the size, the expected circulation and the number of photos you would like to buy. There is no flat rate but I usually do not sell photos for under 50 EUR.


Implementing sponsored links in ready posts is a popular service requested by my clients. Please take a look and feel free to make a suggestion where you would like to place your sponsored link. Mind that we only agree to place links to relevant products and services we personally approve.

We do not publish guest articles. We are not open to link exchanges.


I am open for cooperation on special assignments, for example taking particular photos on selected areas, cities, objects, etc. The only requirement is that the assignment is related to travel and landscape photography. I do not take assignments for weddings, children or family photo shoots. Find an example of such cooperation here:

Project with

We are always happy to help and build relations based on mutual benefits. Regardless whether you have a specific idea or you just want to know more about the way we work, do not hesitate to contact us. We respect the time and needs of everybody so we are doing our best to reply as soon as possible – within 1 working day. 

If you are excited to work with us, contact us:


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