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Melnik wineries open doors for Trifon Zarezan 2019

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During the holidays we opened some wonderful bottles of wine from our favourite wineries in Bulgaria. For Christmas we opened a really special bottle from the Rare Varieties series of Villa Melnik winery – the Melnik Jubilee 1300. We still have this wonderful feeling of tasting something rare, something special and something really Bulgarian. Melnik wines are very recognizable. So when February comes close, we start to research what the wineries around Melnik are preparing for Trifon Zarezan, the day of winegrowers and winemakers. It is celebrated on 14 February.

It is always interesting around Melnik for Trifon Zarezan. Several local wineries open their doors for visitors and you can see them from the inside and meet their owners and winemakers. And these people are just as wonderful as the wines they make.

Federico and Andrey making a toast
Federico, the product director of Zlaten Rozhen winery, and Andrey making a toast

Last year we had a wonderful time there so now we are sharing with you what is prepared for this Trifon Zarezan.

Open doors in 9 wineries around Melnik

Last year 7 wineries participated in the Melnik Wineries Open Doors event and this year they will be 9, which is great Here is the list.

The last two wineries did not participate last year and we admit that we are unfamiliar with them. We have not tasted even their wines, which is a shame.

View to Rupel Winery vineyards, Bulgaria
View to Rupel Winery vineyards, Bulgaria


Melnik Wineries Open Doors will be held between 14 – 17 February 2019. The events will also feature the traditional ritual to bless the vineyards and prune the vines. Also, you will be able to join wine tours through the wineries, wine tastings and cultural events.

Andrey prunes the vines at Villa Melnik
Andrey prunes the vines at Villa Melnik

Which is the most interesting place to visit?

There is no answer to this question because every winery has its own celebrations and they are interesting everywhere. Last year we could not visit all the participating wineries because we only had a day. But this year the open doors will be 4 days so you will have the opportunity to visit all nine and decide which one you like the most.

Trifon Zarezan at Villa Melnik winery - 2018
Trifon Zarezan at Villa Melnik winery – 2018
The tunnels where wines of Villa Melnik mature
The tunnels where wines of Villa Melnik mature

We have visited some of the wineries many times and also out of the Trifon Zarezan celebrations and we strongly recommend you not to miss them. See our articles about Villa Melnik and Zlaten Rozhen – both are must-visits when in Melnik.

Where to stay in Melnik?

Of course, there are many hotels and guest houses in Melnik, but our favourite place to stay in the area is the small village of Rozhen, 6 km from Melnik. One of the most wonderful places to stay there is Zlaten Rozhen hotel. It has the same owners as Zlaten Rozhen wine cellar and after the long day across the wineries you can sit in the cozy restaurant and again enjoy their wonderful wines.

Follow the Melnik Wineries open doors Facebook event for more information.

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