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Melnik 55

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria but well-known across the country for its centuries-old wine production and the many wineries in the area. The reason is mainly geographical. The sand soils in that area are not suitable for growing many culture but vines go very well. In addition, this is the warmest and driest area in Bulgaria which provides many sunny days in the year – which are great for grape production.

One of the most special local varieties is Broad Leaved Melnik vine. Known for centuries, this variety makes wonderful aromatic wine but is difficult to grow and matures late. So, in the 1960s, Bulgarian scientists decided to cross it with other varieties and created several new varieties, one of which is Melnik 55. Nowadays almost every winery in the area grows the Melnik 55 variety and keeps the tradition of making great Melnik wines.

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