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July Morning in the mountains – with Villa Melnik winery

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We just came back from Estonia a few hours ago and guess what is one of the things in Bulgaria we appreciate the most – there are nights in the summer! In the North now is the season of the so-called white nights, which means that in never actually gets completely dark in the summer. But how you can enjoy a beautiful day if there is no night? We really appreciated the beautiful summer nights in Bulgaria and we will tell you about one such night now.

Here in our country we have a very popular tradition – the July Morning. It usually means greeting the first morning of July under the sound of rock music on a romantic place like the seaside or mountain. It is always fun and romantic to gather with friends and other enthusiasts and spend a night awake outdoors. Then you all greet the beautiful sunrise.

One of the traditional places to do this in Bulgaria recently are the hills around Melnik, and particularly the hill above the vineyards of Villa Melnik winery near Harsovo village. This year the owners of the winery are inviting us again to join them for July Morning and share this amazing emotion with them. If you wonder why there – because the hill above their vineyards is one of the most beautiful places in the area, offering 360-degrees panorama to the vineyards and the surrounding mountains and sand pyramids.

July Morning at Villa Melnik – what to expect?

You would definitely want to follow the event on Facebook but we decided to contact directly the owners of the winery to ask what exactly will be happening.

So here is the plan. The winery will be working as regular during the day, welcoming guests for tours and tastings. After 6-7 pm everybody will go up to the panoramic hill above the cellar. There you can place your tents, bankets or sleeping bags. In the evening will be played board games, football, frisby, badminton and many other games. You can come by car, trailer, bike or whatever transport you like. There is plenty of parking space for everyone.

Electricity, toilets and showers are also available on site so you will feel as comfortable as in a hotel, just more romantic. Because camping does not mean feeling uncomfortable.

Celebrating July Morning in Villa Melnik, Bulgaria

Celebrating July Morning in Villa Melnik, Bulgaria

Music, BBQ and wine

Dinner options will also be available so you won’t need to bring your own food and drinks if you don’t want to. Grill and salads will be made and sold on side, as well as various wines, of course. Sangria will be available for everyone, too. However, if you want to bring something different from that, feel free to bring it.

The whole night will pass under the sound of rock music and local bands. And if you have a talent and want to sing or play your instrument – the floor will be available, too! Popcorn and sweet delights will greet you in the morning so the atmosphere promises to be unforgettable.

July Morning at Villa Melnik

July Morning at Villa Melnik

How to join?

Entrance is free, you only need to take your tent or sleeping bag and head to Villa Melnik. It is recommended to call in advance to inform them you are coming – just to help them know how many people to expect. Of course, nobody will be sent away if he has not called in advance. If you plan to go or have questions – call +359884840320 or email to office@villamelnik.com.

If you do not have a tent they can do their best to provide you, just call in advance. The weather is expected to be wonderful for sleeping outdoors even without tents, but do not hesitate to ask if you need cooperation. Everyone in Villa Melnik is very friendly and positive. If you do not know the owners in person, the July Morning is a great occasion to meet them.

July Morning in the mountain, above the vineyards of Villa Melnik

July Morning in the mountain, above the vineyards of Villa Melnik

Spend a wonderful weekend in Melnik area

This year July Morning falls on Saturday and Sunday and this is a great occasion to spend a whole weekend exploring the area. You can take a walk around the town of Melnik, enter the amazing Kordopoulova house museum and go to Rozhen monastery. If you have powers and enthusiasm, hike the beautiful trails above the Melnik sand pyramids. In the town of Melnik you will also find nice places to eat. But for good wine, definitely head to Villa Melnik.

Contacts with Villa Melnik:
Facebook event for July Morning
Phone: +359884840320
Е-mail: office@villamelnik.com

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